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[Lifestyle] JB 2D1N getaway - City Square Mall, Taman Sentosa Food and Things to do

Hey guys,

Where did you go for your Labour Day holidays?
It was a long weekend for many of us.
Well, I was practically still working on that day but went to Johor Bahru the next day morning for my escapade. :)
There's really alot of things to do in JB. 
We had it planned way before going in.
We'd booked our hotel room way before this planned trip so that we know our room was reserved. Kiasu indeed. haha!
Play safe lah huh, you know it's really hard to predict especially you do not know the country so well. (I only go JB like 3-4 times a year just for shopping and food and it's always a day trip!) 

This time round is just more of a chilling trip. Didn't really plan to go drinking that night. 
Maybe next time round with friends. :)

So here's what we roughly planned..
To-Do List:
- Watch Movie (Avengers: Age of Ultrons .. Wah MUST-WATCH!)
- Food (duh?!)
- Watch Man United Football Match
- Sleep
- Food again...
- Buy Goodies back for parent
- Buy whatever!


Went to Bugis bus terminal to board the bus.
SG-JB custom
Ticket was S$3.30 one-way.

Passed the JB custom, we head over to City Square Mall to purchase the movie tickets.
Kiasu the tickets sold out or seats available are miserable 
so we bought early. 
(Movie at 7:15pm,we bought at 2:30pm lol!)

Don't say I don't share hor...

Here's the new Cathay movie ticket prices:
It was weekend so we paid RM18 for each ticket.

At time of trip, the exchange rate was 2.69 so each ticket was a mere SGD6.70?! 

Where to get sia?!

After getting our tickets, we were pretty hungry (we didn't had anything in the morning, except an ice cream with bread from the ice cream uncle at Bugis Mrt carpark), I suggested having Arashi hotpot restaurant for our brunch.

It was Melvin's first time. :)
Had the Salmon/Pork & Salmon/Chicken set with Tomyam Broth/Herbal Broth.
2 Drinks: Golden tea Ice Drink (mine) and Ice Lemon Tea (his)
Add on: Slice Pork Collar
Resulting the bill to be about RM104 so in SGD is about S$38.70.

Slightly on the high side but it's very filling and the soup was sedap!

*yeap, I removed my hair extensions. Back to mid-length hair. 

Our drinks.
The Ice Lemon Tea was pretty different from the other places we'd tried before.
It's refreshing and not sweet at all.

The Golden tea drink was really made of real tea leaves and flowers.
No sweetness at all but it's pretty good for cooling down.

After our meal at Arashi, We walk around, had our hair trimmed at Reds.

Well, I won't say it was a great experience there or what but I won't visit that salon again. EVER.
The guy that assisted Melvin and me was literally busy bringing in customers, cutting our hair, asking his colleagues or staff (I suppose he's the shop owner or at least a manager there) to tidy up the place after doing their job for their customer and blar blar... ALL AT ONCE! Like hello, you asked us to wait, we waited, And when it's our turn, he just do a swift job, anyhow do one. -_-'''
The price list on the counter stated
RM40nett for Males and Females RM48 and above BUT....

My hair length was just touching the shoulder and all he needs to do was just trimming my hair ends and layer it which he did it very fast because his focus was everywhere and I got charged RM65+.


Fine, it's fine though.. But when we are done and ready to pay, he says our bills got to add GST.
He separated our bills which I thought the male's bill would be RM40nett.
I was WRONG!

I was like huh? Okay? If you're charging me with GST I'm pretty fine but your price list stated for guys is nett price and you're charging him GST too?

Seriously not very professional. 
Plus he did hurt Melvin several times when he trimmed his hair on the sides because he was in rush to reprimand his staff or colleagues or whatever. Melvin had to remind him to go slow and not in a rush and have to ask him to trim gently. People's head leh hello. -_-'''

Never going back*

Anyway, after that bad encounter, we went shopping around.
That really helps calm me down. haha!

He bought a pair of casual shoes at only RM49.90 ( SGD18.55). 
Pretty good deal I must say.
And I bought some eyeliners and makeup from Sasa and Watson's.
No picture because lazy to take. heh heh.

Made him take a picture with Hulk at Action City and he pose like this for me. LOL!


If you're always going home late or suspecting someone stalking you home, you can get this!
Pepper Spray!
I don't know if it's legal or what to buy this back to SG but it seems pretty legit since Watson's in JB sells it yah.

Watched the movie.. omg! Super nice! I was enjoying every bit of it and yah, even my 'neighbor' was shaking his leg, I enjoyed it. haha!
Took a cab to our hotel to check in.

No hotel photos because I don't quite like the idea of taking pictures in hotel room especially when it's dark at night. I scared lah okay.

After leaving our things in the hotel room, we head to the coffee shop opposite for our dinner.

*p.s: Don't mind my photo-taking because I was taking the food photos in a dark environment, I have to take them in flash aiyah you get what I mean. heehee.

This is basically right opposite our hotel, Grand Sentosa Hotel located at Taman Sentosa.
The popular hawker where there's stalls selling Zi-Char and Beggar Chicken?
Yeap, it's pretty near there, or rather it's approximately a 10mins walk.

And this is like da bomb there!
Barbeque and green chili goes super well. Blogging this now makes me salivate already omg.

These are just some of the yummies you can pick, there's pretty much of a good variety there you can choose from. But don't say I never remind you, You gotta wait for your order to be served and it might take pretty long because some other tables already picked their items and they really pick alot lah can. Like mountain-full sticks of food! 
Must-order that chicken meat look alike haha.
 I really don't know what's that called but it's damn yummy!
this plate of delicious costs only RM19!! SGD$7 only!! 

Must dip this green chili sauce! 

Ordered stir-fry lala.
Sambal fried rice because my boy loves sambal fried rice.
It rhymes~ haha!

Sambal four season beans.
Crunchy but a tad lil oily.
Still, it's nice~

All these for less than RM 60= SGD22.30. 

Went to De Cave for some light refreshments after our dinner.
Located just beside our hotel.
Watched a depressing Man united Match that night.
Very sad that Man united didn't win.
There's live band going on and the lady sing pretty well.
He drank beer while I have orange juice.
Rained that night too.

Off to hotel to chill and zzz.


Checked out of our hotel at 12noon and headed to the other side towards the famous hawker to check out some food places for brunch.

Settled for their local economic rice stall.

Very simple fare but it's good enough to start our day :)

Headed back to City Square by cab and went to buy some yummy goodies for our parent
before we go back to SG.
These bought from a store, Mika. They have quite a good range of designed and yummy sponge rolled cakes!
Like it that the cream's not too sweet and they're pretty cute!

Had to head back to SG early for my mum's birthday dinner.

If you're going to head back to Queen Street via the Causeway link Buses, do get small change in Ringgits though they accept Singapore dollars but ringgits more worth mah.

RM3.40 back to SG Queen Street, S$3.40 Back to Sg Queen Street.
Which one you think worth?

So do remember to get some small change before going to the custom.
*Those guys in CW uniforms will NOT help you change your notes! so

Will share some photos on that occasion soon too!

Oh! I didn't forget about my Hongkong trip as well.

Will be sharing very soon. :)

Till then,

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