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[2D1N Batam Trip 2015] 1st anniversary trip to Turi Beach Resort at Nongsa, Batam.

Hey everyone,
 I'm gonna share with you guys what I did during our first virgin trip to Batam for our 1st anniversary. :)

We were actually thinking of just a short getaway to KL/JB or Bangkok but time doesn't really permits us and since our dearest friend, Micole suggested that we should visit Batam this time round and stay at Turi Beach Resort as her experience when she visited there was remarkable.
 *She'd been there a few times! 
I totally agree with her.

Glad I've listened to her! 

Well, here it goes..

We'd booked our 2D1N Turi Beach Resort trip via Groupon Singapore at a very reasonable price S$99 each that comes with pier transfer, ferry ticket, 1 night stay with a buffet breakfast.

Of course there's extra surcharges such as the Batam terminal taxes and because we're staying during the weekend, there's a charge of S$25 each for the resort stay. 
(*do convert into rupiah because the resort only accepts cash or credit cards payment!)

The reservation via email was pretty much efficient and everything went smoothly.
*all can be confirmed via email.

Day 1: 7th March 2015, Saturday.
As I booked our ferry departure to be at 12noon via Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, we actually were there almost 1.5 hrs earlier because it's our first time there and we didn't want to lost our way or miss our ferry.

The Ferry Agent that we'd booked from was from Batam Fast.
All in all, it was a very smooth ride.

The ferry ride only took approximately 35mins to reach Nongsapura Ferry Terminal.
*Most of the resorts in Batam located at Nongsa area. :)

Reached Nongsapura Ferry Terminal and queuing up to get our passport chopped!

After which, the very friendly staff from Turi Beach Resort ushered us to the shuttle bus parked outside the building. It only took about 5 mins to reach the resort. 

Us in the shuttle bus. Excited!

Checking in was a breeze and so glad they had prepared our room and let us check in earlier than we should.

But because we have like almost a few hours in between before our dinner, and it was our first time to Batam, we definitely have to head to the popular shopping malls to check out.

Booked on the spot a return shuttle trip to Mega Mall (*chargeable) and the scheduled shuttle was from 1pm -5pm.

We need to put down our bags and hurry to the lobby to catch our shuttle!

We were brought in to our room at the Riani Wing, facing the beautiful beach and sea.

Here's the bathroom. Spacious!

Left: Rain Shower so spacious you can dance around!
 Girl's favorite friend; hairdryer!

Our queen size bed with cute ermm.. elephant? or dog? or.. whatever it is.. IT'S CUTE!!
The beautiful scenery and our balcony.. <3

Reached Mega Mall within 30mins and when we head in, we were thinking of what to have for our light lunch. Ended up passing by A&W and I just couldn't walk away without having rootbeer float!

Then, I realized Mega Mall is actually another shopping mall which is super near to another ferry terminal which many just come here for a day's trip; eat, shop, go back.
*Okay I know I super slow lah.. Virgin trip ma... -_-'''*

Anyway so we ordered a meal which I thought was 'light' because the chicken looks small and the amount of fries just look so... little. lol!

The root beer float was in this glass mug, it was HEAVY and HUGE!

Why Singapore's A&W have to close down?! WHY?!

And oh, I was trying to figure out the receipt because I remembered staring at the menu board and ordered accordingly which by right should be RP58.000 each set without float (just root beer only!).

Then, we asked the staff who took our order that we wanted to change our drinks to Root Beer Float, and she said ok. Then she asked us if we want our chicken spicy? We said yes. 

There you go... I didn't even know we need to pay for 'spicy' chicken.

And so, this meal costed us RP140.000 total. We were full after that.

Overall, I can conclude Mega Mall doesn't seem to have much things to do or shop. It's not really our style and definitely not cheap as what I thought it will be.

If you want to, probably go for their movies I guess. 
Their cinema seems good and toilet is definitely cleaner than the rest of the mall's.

We only bought a carton of Indo Mee back from the hyper mart at basement and that's it.

Oh! I was pretty much amazed that their hyper mart sells motor bikes too! 

You must be wondering what we do the whole time since there's nothing much there to do or shop.
The mall was having this mini singing competition and some teens or rather kids as contestants singing their best to get judged. We stood there for nearly an hour to hear them sing. Impressed with some of them. Some very young and already have powerful voices. NICE~

If it's me, I won't have the courage though. Shy max!* Teehee

Okay so back to our resort...
We decided to chill for half and hour then go and check out the resort and see the sunset.

While walking around, we saw that the poolside buffet dinner being set up.

Very pretty scenery.

Aqua Pool which has like up to 2.4m deep! 

The Riani wings' rooms
There's so many kitties around the resort. Cute max!

You don't have to worry if you're afraid of cats as they don't usually disturb anyone who passes by.

They will prolly appear when there's food but usually waits patiently around. :)

Beautiful. Windy. Crazy hair.

Love this kind of weather. 

The bridge that links to the Island bar. Super pretty!

My boy with his signature victory sign. Everywhere he go also must use this.

And me...  <3

Sashayed to the Tirta Wing side and checking out their exterior.

The emerald pool is nice too.

I miss this... the weather, the scenery.. very relaxing.

*Conclusion for watching Sunset at such windy place: Never wear short dresses even if you feel it's very resort style or relaxing. You'll have to keep 'Giap-ing' or holding onto the bottom of the dress as you walk because the wind's so strong will make you become Marilyn Monroe anytime. LOL! Wear long dress, helps to keep mosquitoes at bay too. :)

Back to the Poolside for BBQ Buffet dinner.

I was telling Melvin I can't wait to dig in because I was famished and yeah.. didn't manage to take pictures of what food was available. oops!

Dinner was not very extensive but I think is worth every penny. It's about S$25++ each (RP 336.000 nett) There's salad station, beef kebab, noodle soup, Ice Kachang, sambal sotong (good!), satay and many more.

There's a live band performing and singing lovely ballads and we can even request songs as well.

And because Melvin informed them on the purpose of this trip, the management was so kind to get us a chocolate cake wishing us happy anniversary! Announced by the pretty singer and I became super shy can. But super sweet of them! <3

It was a very satisfying dinner and we decided to head back to our room to rest and just chill with our beer we brought at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal.

*Yes! You can bring liquor on board to Batam but make sure you finish them there and don't bring it back. The liquors purchased at the TMFT was rather cheap as it's Duty Free e.g. 1664 Blanc 3 bottles at S$11! You buy at our local supermarket one bottle already costs you S$5-6 liao.


Anyway, we rested pretty early so we can swim the next day after our breakfast.

Day 2: 8th March 2015, Happy 1st Anniversary BB!

We woke up a little early thinking it was going to be 9am (*but actual fact the time was only 7plus am batam time!) iPhones have this problem of sudden change of timing.

Ended up we both woke up pretty early. -_-'''

Didn't take any photos for the breakfast buffet spread because most of the dishes needs replenishes. lol!

Well, it's more or less the same with every other buffet breakfast such as eggs station where you can ask the staff to prepare your eggs in sunny side-up, scramble or even omelette, porridge with condiments, westerns breakfast like hashbrown, sausages and hams. There's toasts and cereals as well.

Saw Wynn during breakfast time. :)

Our ferry back to SG, TMFT was at 6:10pm depart Batam Time. We went back to our room to apply some sunblock to prevent the scotching sun from burning us BUT...we ended up lying on bed. LOL!
Simi swimming after breakfast. haha!

The air con was too awesome. The bed. And the TV channel where we can watch HK movies.
How nice. So we ended up slacking in the room instead till we have to check out at 3pm.

Yeap. We manage to get a late check-out thanks to the management.

 After we checked out, we left our bags at the reception counter and explore the resort again.

I must admit it's a very beautiful resort with pretty scenery. We both were staring and differentiating fish and mini crabs along the wet sandy beach during the low tide season. We just stood there on the island bridge and enjoy the breeze. Couldn't bear to leave this place. :(

When it was about time to go, we reached the Nongsa Ferry Terminal early via Turi Beach Resort's shuttle. The ferry was suppose to depart at 6:10pm but something cropped up (I don't know why it dragged till so long!)  waited till 7:10pm to get into the Ferry. It was super pack with many other tourists going to SG. -_-'''

So anyway.. This is what we did for our anniversary trip.
Nothing really fancy, but definitely sweet enough <3


Thanks to my dearest bb for being so sweet to organize and plan this for us.

Thanks to our dear friend, Micole for introducing such beautiful place to stay.

Thanks to Zaenal and team from Turi Beach Resort for making sure that our stay was a splendid and enjoyable one.

We will probably be back soon for a short getaway again!

Till then,

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