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[Food Review] Seoul Yummy to the extend I crave for more!

Hey guys, I'm back to tantalize your imaginary palates again! 
Read on for more!

If you are looking for a place to enjoy, chill and have great Korean food in town, do not hesitate to drop by Seoul Yummy At Bugis+! Let me share with you my experience!

Seoul Yummy situated at the popular food heaven of Level 4 @ Bugis +.

The contemporary setting of Seoul Yummy makes me feel so comfy yet so casual that I just want to enjoy the rest of my time there with my friends. I've never been to S.Korea before but always interested in their culture. I love their food, their people, their dramas and variety shows and of course, their beauty products!

I'm really fascinated by these wishing locks as one of their unique wall fence displays! It resemblance the popular fence where thousands of locks have been hung to represent the love and best wishes of their owners in Seoul. The keys will then be thrown away as an assurance to never separate and keep the vows. But of course they have a key bin for disposal nowadays. It's like Seoul in Singapore!

We started off with some light refreshment and side dishes.

Braised Pork Belly with Kimchi (S$8.90)

The braised pork belly served with the mouth-watering kimchi as sides was just heavenly. The first bite was so tender and flavorful, you just have to take the second bite and the third...

Eventually, this dish was finished by Mr Style King because he was telling us how tasty the braised pork belly was!

Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup (S$24.90 for whole chicken)

I love soup and I love the fact that the soup is so flavorful with rich stock, ginseng and glutinous rice.It's already tastefully done and the best part is that the chicken is still tender with all the flavors oozing out when first bite. And just for your information, Seoul Yummy make the best effort to source for the best fresh ginseng in the entire South Korea and fly them over to Singapore, making sure that they do it the traditional way where there's no shortcut!
Do have it while it's still hot! 

"A Little of Do You Know?
Ginseng - widely used to improve overall energy and vitality. It can help improve the body's overall ability to adapt to and cope with the negative effects of physical and environmental stress. Ginseng can help enhance endurance, reduce fatigue, and improve coordination and reaction time. In clinical studies, ginseng has shown potential in protecting liver and heart health, normalizing cholesterol and sugar levels, and improving memory and learning."


The Hotstone Bibimbab (S$13.90)
This is one of Mr Style King's favorite dish as Bibimbab is a very popular dish in S.Korea and definitely a healthy choice with all the right amount of veggies, meat and protein and carbs. We usually will wait till it cools down a little, mix the ingredients with the Bibim sauce (Original) and scrap the lightly burnt rice at the bottom and mix well. Even I myself who doesn't like rice, will grab a bowl filled with Bibimbab, and finish it. That's how yummy it is. 

If you are more adventurous, there's a few sauces you can choose from:

Army's Stew with Assorted Meat (S$36.90)

I can't tell you how much I love Korean Army's Stew. I'm literally a sucker to it. I'll go weak on my knees if it can satisfy my fussy crave. And guess what, I'm hooked on this! This is not the first time I tried Seoul Yummy's Army Stew in Assorted Meat, it's the 4th time I think. I can practically finish up the whole pot by myself (Okay, meat wise I have to share with someone) and still requesting for some soup refills. I love all the ingredients mixed in together; the golden mushrooms, fresh veggies, rice cakes, meat dumplings, marinated chicken, slice pork, ramen and many more. The soup base was deliciously tasted with appetizing kimchis, it makes you crave for more.

Check out below on their Army's Stew Combo promo for 2 at only S$49.90++!

At only S$49.90++, You get to choose one of the Army's Stew and it comes with 2x Korean Roasted Barley Tea, assorted side dishes, 2x multi-grains rice, 1 choice of appetiser (We love their spicy ricecake!),  and 1 choice of dessert!

It's really worth it isn't it! It's great for people who doesn't know what to order and it doesn't burn your pocket! Great Food, Great savings!

Spicy Rice Cake (S$6.90)

This is the spicy rice cake I'm taking about. I am not that into rice cakes but my bestie, Debra loves it. And exactly expected, the next few times I visited Seoul Yummy, I ordered this as my appetizer. It was spicy at first but later when you taken the first bite, the chews get sweeter and it's very appetizing because of the spiciness. I'll rate the spiciness 2.5/5 as its not that spicy (I can take spicy really well!) but the taste is yummy.
However, it does fill you up quick too, so its good for sharing. :)

Caramel with Cookies &Cream Sundae  (S$8.90)

It's really a nice way to end your meal with yummilicious desserts such as the above. I love desserts! I think it's the only food that can make me happy after a day of hard work! Well to be frank, I would definitely love to have this all by myself or at least share with my bestie but after taking photographs of the Sundae and taking the last dessert's pictures, the sundae was about to finish by Mr Style King!! Sadly, left with super little of it and I have to snatch it back in order to share with you guys how it is. :(  Anyhood,  it still taste yummy! Shall visit again and have desserts all by MYSELF!

Luckily, we have the next yummy dessert by ourselves (Me and Debra <3):

Cold Patjook (S$6.90)

It's really refreshing! I've never tried cold red bean soup before or rather they usually served hot right, and this comes with pretty heart-shaped marshmallows and green rice balls which give this dessert a new chewy feel! The Red bean soup is not too sweet and paired with the cute lovely marshmallows is just perfect! <3 

 Visit their Facebook page for more updates and info:

Seoul Yummy Korean Casual Dining
Bugis +
201 Victoria Street #04-11
Singapore 188067
Tel: 6509 6900

*I will come back very soon.. like today evening? :)


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