Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Show Luo's World Live Tour "Over The Limit" Concert in Singapore 2013!

This is a back post which i intend to share before my exams but hope it's not too late to share with you guys this experience of myself at the recent Show Luo aka Xiao Zhu's Concert 2013.

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So here it is, Show Luo's Concert! I was looking forward to it because I super like him. Not his looks but it's because of his charisma, his way of making people laugh, I like that!

I always love to watch his variety shows, movies and TV Series, just like Rainie Yang. 
When I heard about the rumour that they were together, I was so happy. :)

Well, pictures speaks louder than words so here it is..

It's a leopard theme, one of his favorite prints! 

He had this new look with pink hairstyle, shaven sides. Looking really cool! 
When it's time to be cool, he really does it better than anyone but when it's time for humor, he can make sure you laugh like you were trolled!

This was his first outfit. Glam with his hot pink hairdo, he does know how to stand out in the crowd!

This was the beautifully crafted stage that Show Luo performed on. So cool! I really like the graphics done by the crew! Thumbs up!

OKAY! I guess you guys will be 'eyeing' on the dancer's hand and thinking did you see wrongly right? It's just that the hand was a little close to 'that' part lah, Don't think so much okay? :)

Here's the next setting:
Really romantic..

But in between the performance, there's some minor problems with the microphone that Show was using. He sang but the mic wasn't able to produce any sound. He's a perfectionist. He want his every concerts to be perfect at least but i guess the Singapore team needs to work harder to prevent such things from happening, especially Show is an international idol.

It happened a few times during the performance and he just have to entertain his fans and audience with whatever he can think of. He's really good at saving the show! There's even one part I captured on video where he has to change the song he has to perform, to "Tan Te" I believe many of you know what is that song all about! It's hilarious and he make it really funny!

Show performing Tan Te:

Hokkien Song performed due to microphone issue:

He even jokingly asked one of the backstage crew member to come up on stage to help him apply the body oil to make him look much more outstanding... The Muscles! haha!

Lucky auntie~

Show performing Lian Ai Da Ren:

He's so nice when he's close to his fans. He even took one of the lucky fan's mobile and instantly take a photo of himself with the fans. So nice right!

You guys should watch this! He tries to thank the sponsors which have to pronounce in English! I LOL like mad.. I think everyone too!

I think many people must have tipped the idols that when they come to Singapore, they should try out our Black Pepper or Chilli Crabs so that's how he used this prop to perform for us Lol! 

And he kept emphasizing that the 'crab prop' was handmade wonderfully by the crew too! Smart!

Overall, I do enjoy the concert but it's a pity that the microphone has to give way during the performance! But do hope he's not affected by it as we all know that it's not his fault! Hopefully the next concert when he come to Singapore will be all technically perfect!

Definitely will attend his next concert again.. <3
Thanks Silkpro once again! :)


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