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[4D3N Hong Kong Trip April 2015] My Birthday trip to Hong Kong with my love: Day 1 Part 1

Hello all!

It's been really an amazing month for me because me and my boy finally went for our first trip oversea via flight! hehe!

*We have traveled by ferry to batam, coaches to KL and Genting and this time, it's airplane and best of all, It's our Singapore Airlines!

How did we ended up going Hong Kong? 
Well, there was just one day we were discussing which country to visit and stuff, I suggested going Hong Kong because the previous time I went was about 3-4 years back and the experience was meh...

So my beloved boy just said okay, we'll go there for your birthday, how's that?
How's THAT? What how's that? OF COURSE GOOD LAH!

hahahah! Ok big reactions.

But seriously my heart and stomachs was filled with butterflies when he said that.
So happy can, plus he said he's gonna bring me and sponsor me all expenses meaning my flight, hotel stay, attraction tickets, food and SHOPPING!!!  <3 <3 <3.


Back to topic....

Then we research through googling and stuff ............nothing much.
Finally head to Natas Fair and eventually bought the free and easy package.

4D3N Hong Kong Trip at Dorsett Mongkok Hotel with daily breakfast, SIA return tickets and return airport transfer for S$585 each pax = booked!

Say cheap not cheap but it's pretty worth because it's SIA! 

Day 1 ( 9th April 2015)
Early morning prepared to go to the airport. 
Taking off at 9:30am!

We're super tired but very excited about the trip! haha!

Researched online that the temperature was around 26-27 degrees so didn't really pack much jackets, just a pullover and a hoodie jacket, and some dresses that's it.

See his tired-but-kenna-force-to-take-picture face.

Okay my face too. 
We both only manage to take a short nap because we couldn't really sleep before our departure. Our energy was draining but we're super excited!
Go in lo.....
Same pose.
While waiting for our gate to open...


Fly with me~

Our meal on board~
We actually shared the meals so that we can try out to see if which one taste better.
I'm pretty impressed that the in-flight meals are so much better now.
I would have leftovers and still feeling hungry if compared to the last time.

We finished up everything! haha!

The nice stewardess came to check on us if we need more drinks after our meal, then I saw the drink menu that we can actually request for beer or wine too!
His eyes literally glow lah can..

He can never say no to beer~

Finally reached Hong Kong International Airport!
But guess what, our dearest aircrew announces that the temperature was 19 degrees and I was like, HUH?????

Win liao.. -_-'''

Bought our Disneyland Tickets from the agent at HKD$490 instead of the usual price HKD$499.

*Read on because I'll be sharing with you guys where to get even cheaper, discounted Hongkong Disneyland tickets! So nice right me... *pat on my shoulder*

Didn't took any picture of our hotel but here's the interior of our room..

Every room comes with a handy 3G phone set where you can make use of it to tether hotspot and make local calls for FREE! 
Amaze-ball ain't it!?
You literally save the money on 2x sim card and spend it elsewhere like food.... haha!

From the entrance, the bathroom, mini fridge and necessities are on the left.
No bathtub but it's rain shower baby~~
Pretty neat and clean I would say.
But still, boil water in the kettle and let it steep in it for awhile.
Do not drink the first round!
Pour it away and fill in water and then boil it.
Drink only the second round!

Heard alot of stories like some drunk guests uses the boiling kettle to hold their puke or throw rubbish in it or use it to cook maggie mee or whatever they use it for, just wash it clean before you use them or if you're still worried, DON'T USE IT!
(*What's wrong with them sia???)

I don't do that, I mean who does that??! lol!

Glass cabinet and a safe box in the bottom wooden cabinet.
Good enough for 2 pax :) 

Luckily is not those can see through one.
I'm still very shy okay~ haha!

Our bed. Super comfy!

It's pretty small but good enough for two of us plus it's really cozy!

Gotta just change and wear something much more comfy and keep me warm
because we're heading out lo!.
*how I love my pullover <3*

Heading out after checking in!
Camwhore in the lift~

The hotel provides their guests free shuttle service to nearest shopping heaven aka the Langham Place where Mong Kok MTR station is located.

Saw this Mercedez with a cute car plate! 
We can't see this in Singapore. 

Cold wind even on the day~

Wondering why some of the ladies and guys from Hong Kong keep their skin free from blemishes?
They're really very healthy lot! 
Almost everywhere we go, we'll find stores that sell cooling herbal tea that nourishes and clear heat for the body. 
I saw some of the office ladies buy like 2-3 bottles and it seems like it's a common thing to do. 
Tried the tea and taste super good! Not sweet at all and super refreshing!


Now here's the highlight of this blog post:


Walking pass Mongkok MTR Station, go look for the Tourist Services!
MongKok Mtr Station Tourist Services where you can purchase discounted attractions tickets such as Hongkong Disneyland, Ocean Park and so on...
There you can purchase discounted Attraction tickets such as Disneyland tickets,
Ocean park and so on.

Hongkong Disneyland adult tickets at HKD$470

Cheap right?!
Not very alot of discount but still better than getting tickets online from scam websites or scam agencies right? :)

There's many such tourist services counters in selected MTR station (that you can google online yah) where you can purchase it on the spot.

Do note their operating hours though. Be there in the day should be fine :)
Mongkok Mtr Station
I'll be touching on where exactly we went on our first day and so on..

Do check it out soon yah!

Loads of photos coming up!

Till then,

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