Thursday, 29 November 2012

Food Review: Ikoi Japanese Restaurant at Miramar Hotel

I've always crave for Japanese food, ALWAYS!
Especially Salmon Belly and Blue Fin Tuna.
There are many Japanese restaurants in Singapore right?

So why Ikoi? 
First and foremost, my office is nearby.
Secondly, I've been to Ikoi for "I-don't-count" times!
Thirdly, their range are quite wide; from raw sashimi, grilled items, fried items and even rice like curry rice!

Their walls are filled with pictures of celebrities from local singers and actors to Internationals stars!
*This is how famous they are*

Raw Salmon with Special Sauce
Once seated, the staff served up this appetizer: Raw Salmon with special sauce.
It does increase my appetite a little! :)

Seated at the Sushi Bar and facing all the Sashimis and Tamago, how to lose weight like this?

Salad Stick with Miso Paste Dip (*Zerika Likes*)
This salad sticks to dip with the miso paste and boy it taste really heavenly!

Their buffet promotion menu!

We ordered Tamago Sushis to try as my partner loves eggs but only if its cooked this way.

California Handroll and Salmon Skin Handroll

The cucumbers used in both hand-rolls are so fresh and crunchy, and of course the fried salmon skin as well. It's doesn't turn soggy especially after you have left it there for a while.

Grilled Salmon (*Zerika Likes*)

The complimentary Jellyfish and Cold Fried Tofu Skin!

When you come often, you will realized that the staff will not only serve you the ordered items, they too serve you items not in the menu as well...

examples of dishes not listed in the menu:

Fried Gingko Nuts!

Seafood Soup in Tea Set! (*Zerika Likes*)

Friend Garlic

and many more..

Paper Salmon!



My all-time fav:
 Chawanmushi! (*Zerika Likes*)


I don't really fancy shisamos much but this is quite tasty as well.

The Sashimi range was a feast to me! I can just ate all by myself!
but I usually just eat salmon sashimi, yellow tail sashimi and sword fish sashimi from Ikoi~!

The sword fish sashimi is so tender! The Snapper as well!

Last but not least,

our last order of the night:
Chicken Yakitori! (*Zerika Likes*)

Messy table filled with food!

I was already super filled up so I opted out for the hotpot salmon soup (a complimentary).

But here's a reminder:

If you do want to drop by this restaurant for lunch or dinner, 
do remember to call and reserve in case they are fully packed, which they usually are!

Per pax is approx. S$40+-? 

Quite standard price range for a above average Japanese buffet!

*Some of my favorites which I did not order that night: Fried Udon, Ebi Tempura, Pumpkin Tempura and many more!

Must book before you go down!

Ikoi Japanese Restaurant
401 Havelock Rd, Singapore 169631, Singapore



  1. You are making me hungry TT^TT

    1. Hurhur! Let's eat together soon!! :)

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    1. Thank you Emperor! haha! your name is so unique! Shall visit ur blog too! :)

  3. I will be visiting them today. Hope it will be a fruitful dinner :)

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