Monday, 3 December 2012

Smooch By Tripled Edge Project at Attica, Wednesday Ladies Night Official Launch! [ Poached Mag ]

Attica Singapore has yet another new reason for us to party on ladies night Wednesday!

Was an awesome night with the awesome peeps from Tripled Edged Project's Smooch event at Attica!
Mag and Me wearing the Smoch specs!
*we can't see anything!* haha!

I always believe in partying with the right company! hurhur!
No, I'm not a party animal, I just love to chill and hang out with a group of nice awesome company and party the night away, not always, just usually once a week! Hurhur!

And that's where we were glad that our Miss Debsumikolee has won a bottle of Vodka from Poached Mag and we both receive passes to this awesome party! HURRAY!

It's not like a 'special' kind of ladies night, but
1st 200 ladies will receive a lipstick sponsored by Maybelline, cute Smooch specs (which you only can wear as deco, not to wear it as a spec because people will think your blind..), and vouchers from Love Bonito and Le nior. (Only that night!)

Check out Mag jie's new eye wear~! 
*ain't she look cute with that?*

All of us pasted the smooch stickers on various part of our bodies, Cookie and Debra's on the hand, Mag Jie's on the shirt which looks surprisingly amazing on her (very nice deco!).

The Lollipop Girls!

The act-rocker look! haha!

The mysterious hand behind them was actually Cookies! haha!

My face was red and hot already!? haha!

 We are enjoying ourselves! woohoo!

Check this awesome cute nails of Mag! 
They GLOW in the dark! I was so amazed by it! 

I shall get a dress which can glow in the dark kind, SUPER SPOT ON! haha!

'Green Lady' wanna smooch!

Debra wentta the ladies and applied the giveaway Maybelline lipstick and became like BETTY BOOP! 
(except the twirls of curly hair!)

Okay, so here's a picture of Debra acting drunk and hugging a huge bottle of Vodka~!

This is like the best picture of the night can! See Cookie and Debra's expression? haha!

The huge Vodka which Debra won! CONGRATS and thanks for sharing with us! <3

Alright folks! Do enjoy the party but also, do not over drink! It's meant for you to enjoy the awesome music and company, not for you to feel dizzy, nauseous and spoiling your night feeling awful!

Stay sober and if you drink, DON'T DRIVE!

Attica / Attica Too
ATTICA is the ideal venue for after-work drinks, late night frolicking and outrageous parties. It offers a fresh experience to the style-savvy and ultra-glam crowd, with its four different concepts; Lilypad, Attica, the Courtyard, and Attica Too.

Attica is open daily.
3A River Valley Road
#01-03 Clarke Quay, Singapore 179020
+65 6333 9973 or for reservations.

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