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[Beauty Review] Talika - Slimming without sweating, but through light, you can achieve your desire bodyshape!

I've got a question for you!
What is the main concern among the ladies out there?

I guess more ladies out there are more wary about their weight and figure than men. :)
All of us just want to eat whatever we like and doesn't want to gain any extra weight right?

 And most ladies hate this (even if you are slim):

 And I guess men do hate having a big bulging tummy too right?

Well, I'm also one of them. I once hit 69kg and don't dare to even wear any tight fitting clothes! -_-

And recently, I read a study regarding  men and women with large waist line are at much greater risk of dying from any cause than people with thinner waists.
They found that people with very large waists -- 47 inches or more for men and 42 inches and more in women -- were about twice as likely to die, compared to thinner people, and not just from weight-related problems.
All participants had completed a mailed questionnaire about demographic, medical, and behavior factors and provided information about weight and waist circumference during the 1990s. Over a nine-year follow-up period, 9,315 men and 5,332 women died.
A larger waist was associated with a higher risk of death across all measures of BMI, or body mass index, including people of normal weight and people who were overweight and obese.
A somewhat surprising finding was that among women, the risk association between waist size and death was strongest for those with a normal BMI. Researchers say the reason is unclear and that more study is needed.

 So, for the ladies out there who seldom exercise and usually sit alot *cough* like me *cough*
(e.g. desk bound jobs) or plainly just hate the idea of sweating, you can check out the range below!

Experience the innovative “Slimming Program” by TALIKA where you can reduce and slows down the new “fat cells” without even perspiring!

I've learnt about this brand earlier when I was reading some Japanese beauty magazines and Talika Eyelash Serum was one of the highly-raved product.

And I was getting all excited when me and Deb were invited to the Talika's new range of body care preview launch.

Here's the presenter presenting to us each of the products' unique benefits and ingredients that make it so effective:

Here's Debra checking out the products..

Many of you at this point surely have questions like, " Why is Debra even trying this product? She's already so slim and all!" Well, The matter of fact is that every individual, be it slim or not, there will be stubborn cellulite stored at certain parts of the body, just that you won't notice it.

Yeap, and Debra has this problem too, just that I have more problems than her that's all. lol!

Featuring TALIKA Bust Phytoserum and Back Up 3D..

Talika Zero Stretch-Mark

Here's Jenny aka Beauterunway testing out the Light X-Slim!

Works even better if you combine with TALIKA Slim Serum.

Me, Debra and Jenny with the Light X-slim devices!

The slimming and skin-regenerating solution combines three wavelengths to “eradicate” bulges and cellulite.

•INVISIBLE INFRARED LIGHT: Penetrates deep down to open the pores of the fat cells and takes action on the lymphatic network to remove fat. It also stimulates collagen production and promotes smooth fascia.

•VISIBLE LIGHT at WAVELENGTH 630: produces an anti-inflammatory action.Combined with infrared light, it stimulates collagen production and regenerates the skin.It firms skin and acts against the orange skin effect.

•ULTRASOUND WAVE + MASSAGE: X-SLIM emits ultrasound for a micro-massaging, draining and anti-oedema action. The power of ultrasound vibrations breaks down fat cells and reduces toxins!

In short, X-SLIM Breaks up fat deposits ,boosts micro-circulation improves the skin tone ,helps against anti-orange skin.

It is non-invasive, painless and risk-free. It does not produce any side effects or adverse reactions.

*Use it with Slim Serum for maximum effect!

And I was given these beauties to try out at home so I can review and let you guys know how's the result.

So far I've tested out the Bust Phytoserum for almost 2 weeks and the other 3 for about a month plus.

If you are hoping to see images of my bust or my body, then I think you will be disappointed! hehe! :)

Bust Phytoserum
The natural "push up" effect serum which contains one of the new active ingredients; GUGGUL to intensify plumping, store fat to give it more volume.

Results in just 4 weeks!

After 28 days: 
-Volume: 71%
-Firmness: 71%
-Lift: 66%
-Hydration: 97%

*My Review: The serum is light and easily absorbed into my skin. After using the Bust Phytoserum for about 2 weeks, I can see that there's an improvement with regards to hydration and firmness. I guess it's because I only use it for 2 weeks and I should use it for at least 1 month to see a significant result.  However, I'm already impress with the current result and will continue using it.Which girl will want saggy bust you tell me -_-'''

BACK UP 3D Serum
 Attacks excess fat and redraws rounded buttocks,
Reshape buttocks by holding the tissues,
Smoothes, plumps and tones the skin, 
fights for water retention and against cellulite!

In 4 weeks, 93% satisfaction and 77% of women feel better in their skin*

Lifts : 90% 
Sculpts : 64%
Firms : 79%
Curves : 50%

*My Review: Using Back Up 3D for about a month by applying only once everyday after my shower, I can see it did help on lifting and firming. Usually when you are dieting, your skin will slowly loosen because you are losing the water and fats in your body. As I'm still dieting (for about 2months already), I will need to continue using it to see the accurate result but so far so good~

The premier slimming serum Inspired by Photo-Beauty Therapy

Talika’s researchers have discovered and isolated a miraculous enzyme present in blue microalgae: the Photo-Beauty Enzyme® (PBE). 

Acting like miniature solar cells, the Photo-Beauty Enzyme® boasts the incredible ability to naturally transform light into an energy source that restores skin cells and repairs damaged DNA.
PBE-crammed SLIM SERUM is the first slimming product whose beneficial action is triggered by light (natural or using a Talika Light).
SLIM SERUM also features Phytosonic, an ultrasound-like active ingredient, and a cocktail of natural ingredients recognised for their slimming properties.

This product triggers a unique process that transforms fat cells into cellular energy!

What Benefits?
Reduces adipose tissue
Stimulates lipolysis
Stops the oxidative stress caused by cellulite
Slows down the storage of new fat cells
Instantly drains muscles for an anti-orange skin effect*

*My Review: Only applying on my belly, waist, arms and thighs for about a month plus, I would say I love this product because I realized that my skin around those areas seems to be firmer compared to when I'm not using any product. I apply this during the night time with light stroke massage on those problem areas.

Absorption of the serum is pretty fast and doesn't leave any sticky feeling after application. I believe the result will be much more obvious if  use with the Light X-Slim device.

Zero Stretch Mark

Less deep: 87%
Less coloured: 68%
More supple and toned: 87%

Visibly reduces the surface area, depth and colour of stretch marks. It firms, softens, moisturizes and nourishes skin. Gradually, the epidermis is restored to its original appearance.

This is one of the problem we faced as women because at least 80% of women have or will have stretch marks! :(

*My Review: I applied the Zero Stretch Mark treatment only at night after my shower on the problem areas and have been using it for a month. So far I think my skin is definitely more toned but I will need to use for 3 months to see the result. I think it's a great treatment especially when using during dieting. 
This will definitely help to prevent any stretch mark from occurring.



PHOTO-BEAUTY THERAPY SLIMMING is the leading at-home slimming treatment that comes close to the techniques used in the most sophisticated specialist centres.

A two-step global action program attacking fat cells from every angle!


Where can you purchase it?

Available at Metro, BHG, Sephora and The Spa Lon. 
You may check out the store listings here:

For more information, 
do check out

*I'm so going to continue using these babies! 
I want pretty figure and pretty skin, pretty please~




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