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Fashion Blogger Event: Girls just wanna have fun! Girly Affair at Occasion, 100am!

*Just a little note before you read on: This post is gonna be flooded with amazing photos of 
*ah hem cough  ME and Deb! hur hur* 

Thanks Mag Jie and Andrea from Occasion for the invitation to their new outlet opening at 100am!
I bet many of you didn't know that there's this new shopping mall exist right?

It was my first time, and I don't think it will be my last, because, they have really nice range of dresses that flatters anyone, in many colors! Pastels,
An all-rounder outfit for any occasion!

And because this is an all-girl girly affair, I definitely have to bring my girlfriend right?
Check out who I brought with me below!

They were so sweet for giving me the $50 x2 gift vouchers!

Their brochures featuring their special price packages for bridesmaids' dresses at affordable prices!

Alright, who says only bridesmaids or brides-to-be can purchase these pretty dresses?
How about ROM, D&D, company dinner, a movie date, a dinner date, a lunch date, office wear and many many more!?

The price range for their short dresses are at $88 while the long ones are at $138 - $168!
(available in S, M, L and XL! )

*4 Dresses - $278
It's like a piece is only SS$69.50?! With such good quality?! 

*6 Dresses - $398
And this, $66.35 each?

*8 Dresses - $498
Oh My, this is amazing! $62.25 each dress only?!
(*Only appicable to $88 dresses.)

Such huge savings where to find~!

They even prepared mini cute cupcakes for this blogger event! How nice!


So sweet in pastel colors, just like their dresses!

They even have pretty shoes to match your outfit! How sweet and thoughtful they are!?

That's Right!
It's Debra! 
My Bestie cum Buddy cum my good listening ear and girlfriend and EVERYTHING LAH!
How not to have a bestie in life to share all good things and bad and overcome all obstacles all together?! <3 Love ain't it? heheh Sound so wrong! I LOVE YOU~!*

Deb browsing through the dresses display file~!

They have a good range of designs and style and even colors that suit your personality!

For me, I always chooses dark colors like black and for Deb, her's the white... haha! 

Other side of the display with pretty wrist bands and accessories~!

Me picking out clothes for fitting later~!

So, here we are, with our first outfit:
Mine is a black dress, and Deb's a white long dress..
She hope to look like bride can! haha!

In the fitting room camwhoring...

I think this dress suits many occasions!
D&D, Prom Night, for some clubbing or even for office wear!
Just need to wear a blazer over and you are done!


This is how we have fun! :)

Anywhere also can take pictures! haha!
So we decided to walk out of the fitting room to find props and all, 
and I took the flowers and hand it to Deb for her to pose with it!

Really look like a bride hor.. haha!

Le photographer, which is me, took this awesome shot hurhur* 
No photoshop nothing!
She looks pretty here isn't it?!

Me holding a black clutch - Super black, Deb - Super white! haha!

It's like a one-stop shopping of pretty dress, accessories, even clutch bags and shoes for that special occasion of yours!

Then it's my turn!
I like this photo~! hurhur* makes me look so 'miao tiao'! Good Job Deb!

Okay, will work harder to lose more weight >_<

Le 'smell flower' pose~! heheh.. I like it too!

and her turn again! She's so happy when I say I wanna take for her again.. haha!

Back to the fitting room! *nice to camwhore also*

Then she decided to stick to the wall while I was trying to pose for myself.. haha!
Tryna look sexy... Okay very sexy liao~! 
later all the guys ask me who are you, I become your manager~! hahaha!

The 2nd outfit!!
Me in Pink and Deb in White!

haha! look at our legs and pose? haha!


I like this picture of us~! What do you think guys?
Because I look slim here! haha!

Even the curtains, we can use as props~!

What do you think of me wearing this dress?? Is it nice? :)

Hur hur! really didn't know why my face was like this... what was I thinking? *hmmm

I call this the ' Headache' Pose!

And this, 'Neckache' Pose!


Then, we changed to our last outfit!
Mine is a long black dress...

Same case: Deb's in White ... again... haha!

Looking pretty in this white dress! :)

Headache again~!
Trying to do those "Vogue" look but failed..


I walk out and grab a necklace wanting to do the Bohemian style, failed!
So I used it as hair accessories: Hairband~ Idea right?


Check out their range of dresses! So pretty and looks girly! 
The Non-Chiffon Range

The Chiffon Range
*pretty pastel colors*

After trying out the outfit, you definitely be thinking of which to get eh? 
Spoilt for choice!

The Happy US!

We received goodie bags from Occasion and that was so sweet of Andrea and the team! :)

Andrea even helped us took instant prints for keepsake and I'll definitely keep it with me!
*It's in my wallet now btw*

<3 Thanks Mag Jie, wish you were here with us!
Thanks Andrea for the invitation and the wonderful service, making us feel at home! <3
And Thanks Occasion, We enjoyed VERY MUCH!
*just see our happy, fun face on all photos* hurhur!

After looking at our photos, I bet you ladies out there sure wanna have fun and shop together right?

Head down to the outlet near you and try it out yourself!
You will definitely enjoy shopping at Occasion!

100AM Tras Street 
(Next to Amara Hotel)
Tel: 66948801
252 North Bridge Road 
Raffles City Shopping Centre
Tel: 63388721


Check out Occasion Dresses FB page:

*some photos are taken from Deb* :)

Read her blog post on this too!


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