Wednesday, 8 May 2013

梁文音's 黄色夹克 Fanmeet at Switch by Timbre! Check out who won that big poster from her! LOL!

Thanks to UFM100.3 for an opportunity to attend 梁文音 Rachel Liang 's 黃色夾克 fan meet 
at Switch by Timbre

It was a great time meeting up and catching up with blogger friends
Cookie, Debra, CK and HP... okay and Camera man, Shannon. :)

梁文音was here in Singapore to promote her latest album, 黃色夾克 Yellow Jacket!

Looking really cheerful and great with her short hair! :)

There's games for the fans to interact with Rachel!

And er.. yes.. Rachel was such a sweet lady helping this fan to button up his shirt :) Envy much?

And also, they selected some fans from the audience up on stage to learn and dance her new song, 
Yellow Jacket! 
So happen one of the 'contestant' was wearing yellow jacket! :)
Rachel showing the contestants the dance moves for Yellow Jacket!

The lucky girl chosen to have her photo taken with Rachel! So lucky!

After which, it was an up-close interaction time with Rachel going around to each and every table to look through the white plate filled with things we want to attract her with and here's our version:

When Rachel came over to our table, we practically jump up and down and talking really loudly like as if we are selling things in pasar malam (Night Market). 
And here's Shannon aka Mr Style King trying to 'lure' her attention to our table and pick our group!
He handed a slice of duck pizza to Rachel and she took bite of it.
(She was saying she was hungry! Lol!)
Look how happy Shannon was -__-

And because she said she was hungry, Shannon quickly shove a brownie to her, done by dear Debra, while he check out what other things he can attract her with. 
He even took out his diamond ring, nearly wanting to pass it to her and Rachel was like,"Are you asking me to marry you?"Lol!

And thereafter, he was nicknamed 钻石男(diamond man)!

After the madness...

Rachel chose the brownie from our table and none other than our Suave Mr 钻石男 have to do the honor to stand up for us and say why he likes her! All of us was busy laughing.

And our dear Mr Style King have to traumatize her by saying he watches her Music Video on Youtube almost every night! And that he is a blogger, he can blog and promote for her! Stalker or what! Lol! 
We all practically went crazy laughing like mad!
(UFM DJ 坚文 guided him to talk about the promoting part!)

Poor Rachel! She needs to pick just 1 winner for the grand prize and we all was thinking:" Aiyah, Shannon no chance because he already frightened her by those words!" but all got shock when
SHE actually CHOSE HIM! OMG!
Guess he must have really 'attracted' Rachel with his smile, traumatizing words! haha!
Happy Shannon went up the stage to get his big grand prize, the huge poster with her autograph!
Look how happy Shannon was.

"Do not secretly kiss me!" LOL!!

Her reason for choosing Shannon was because he was very enthusiastic during the whole fan meet. 
No he wasn't, he was just being plain seriously. I think those people who was there surely know and understand. 
We are practically in our own world, laughing and all -_-

Love her voice!

And here was when her microphone went dead and needed to share with UFM DJ 坚文.

ermm.. too close.. haha!

Many of our friends was asking how Shannon manage to bring home this huge poster board?!
 It was indeed really difficult! We nearly wanted to call for a lorry la can. But after using my brain a little, we brought it to the carpark and try to fit the board in the car. No use. Then I removed the outer sticker and.. Bingo! 

Discarded the cardboard and kept the huge poster! :)

It was super crazy and fun afternoon! 
We had loads of fun and laughter and we hope Rachel won't be traumatized by Shannon and refuse to come to SG okay? :) 
He's just being fun at times! :)

Thanks to UFM100.3 once again! <3

Pssst.. He was really nervous especially speaking in Mandarin because he speaks English all the time. 
So do give him a shoulder pat when you see him okay? 
This is the first time I hear him speak in Mandarin the most! haha!

Okay still love you no matter what! <3

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