Wednesday, 22 May 2013

[Food Review] Savour the succulent and mouth-watering Black Pig aka Berkshire delicacies from Tampopo, Singapore!

Always pass by this popular restaurant yet haven't try any of their dishes yet?

I think it's time for you, your love ones and family to come by Tampopo and have a try on their popular and signature dishes!  You will leave this place full and satisfy, trust me!

When Shannon aka Mr Style King brought me to Tampopo at Liang Court for food-tasting, that's when I know, I'm about to have good food! YUMS!

Ladies and Gentlemen, 
May I present you the ultimate juicy and succulent Tampopo Black Pig Tonkatsu!

Popular for its Black Pig aka Kuro Buta Pork served in Tonkatsu and Shabu Shabu version and of course, in many other ways such as Yakiniku, Stir Fry and even BBQ!

And here it is...

Top Grade Black Pig Tonkatsu Set ($31.80) 

At first, I was rather hesitate to try Tonkatsu because I ever tried from other restaurants, where their  Tonkatsu's fat content was tough and the dish was totally 'soaked in oil'.

But I was really surprised when the dish from Tampopo was served before me, 
It already looked appetizing to me! The outer layer was in crisp and once taken first bite, the 'fats' was so soft that it melts after few chews! 
The meat wasn't tough at all. It was juicy and tasty all in one.

Top Grade Black Pig has higher fat content than Normal Black pig which makes every bite tastier with it;s tenderness and juiciness!

Black Pig Shabu Ramen with Black Pig Spare Ribs ($13.80)

Fell in love with the soup broth! It was not so spicy yet flavorful and there's no taste of oiliness! And the really interesting part is that the ramen doesn't turn soggy even after it cools off! Love the fact that Tampopo actually make extra effort to drain out all the fatty oil from the broth in order to maintain the taste. 

Black Pig Spare Ribs served together with the ramen was so tender even though it was fried! It is still so succulent and really compliment the dish really well!

Black Pig Truffle Fried Rice ($18.80)

I think this dish is definitely the MUST-ORDER dish when I'd visit Tampopo again! 
The Black Pig was braised and then cut into dice slices, and finally mixed together with the Japanese fried rice, diced mushrooms and truffle!
You get a very tasty and fragrant Black Pig Truffle Fried Rice! 
A dish not to be missed!!

Next up, 
Mentaiko Layer Cutlet Set ($23)

I always love anything with mentaiko and this was my very first time having it with black pig cutlet. This dish is unbelievably delicious! It's so crunchy yet tender and chewy, then later it melt in my mouth!  Just look at the generous amount of mentaiko in between the cutlet! 
*hungry when typing this already!

 Not only does Tampopo has Tonkatsu dishes, they also have mini Shabu Shabu that caters to soup lovers too! 

Black Pig Mini Shabu Shabu ($23.80)

Taste the original taste of black pig with the Black Pig mini Shabu Shabu!
I like the fact that the black pig was so thinly sliced that it cooked within 30secs! 
Once you dipped into the soup, let it cook for about 30 secs, take it out and dipped it into the Shabu Shabu sauce and... simply taste the chewiness and tenderness meat in your mouth, I'm sure you will get hungry for more! It's just simply delicious and flavourful!

Black Pig Kabayaki Don ($20.80)

If you prefer something not fried and soupy, you can try this dish instead!

I like it mix together with the fragrant Japanese rice and every mouthful, you get to taste the flavourful black pig, so tender and delicious. The sesame seeds that sprinkled on top of the black pig simply boosts the taste to another level!

Honey Fuji Apple  ($6.80)

Apple originated from Japan, Yamagata. This Honey Fuji Apple is only available during winter and doesn't oxidize even after certain time, unlike any other apples that we can purchase easily! When cut, visible line marking towards the center of the apple near the seeds is where the honey is! It's really sweet, juicy and crunchy at the same time! 

You can get it straight from Tampopo and they will be more than happy to pack it in a beautiful box if you are going to give it as a gift!

I'm really lucky that I can taste this really naturally-sweet Honey Fuji Apple from Tampopo!

Thank you Tampopo for hosting us! We will be back definitely! :)

Do check out their Facebook Page:

Tampopo (Liang Court)
177 River Valley Road, #01-23/24

6338 3186


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