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[Food review] Onaka Restaurant & Wine Bar, nutritiously healthy for the better you!

We love food but how many of us are conscious of food and chooses the best for our health?
Well, I get to know that there's this restaurant encourages their customers to be more conscious and mindful of food and using only wholesome and selective organic ingredients for their cuisines.

Thanks William and Chef Benson for the invitation!

Optimum Nutrition And Kitchen Arts

Advocating a realistic, sensible and pragmatic approach with this tagline:
"Eat Consciously; Live Mindfully"!

Let's have a look at what I had that night!

First dish in the evening..

Asian Hummus

You get to dip with either bread or the nachos that we all love, or BOTH!
I surprisingly love the bread as it's a little crisp on the outside and soft on the inside, great for dips!

However, many of us ended up munching on the nachos, it's really yummy even on its own!Teehee!

Omega Soy Smoothies
Thick, flavourful and delicious when drinking! I literally drank all at one shot!
Omega is not only great for our body, it's great for our joints and bones too!

But do have it slowly as it might fill you up really quickly.

Bread Basket
This is definitely one of the yummilicious buns I could ever ask for because it was baked FRESH!
Onaka promote Low Glycemic food and use only whole grains and adopts a "No White Bread, No White Rice and No White Sugar" Policy!
It's warm when served, lightly crisp on the outside and soft in the inside.

You can either dip it with the olive dressing served or just indulge the bun on its own.

See how happy I am munching on those mini buns.. but I had about 2 and shy to continue because there's more than 8 of us and I couldn't keep on reaching to the bun.. oh so tempting!
(Photo credit: Debra)
Water Melon Sashimi
You must be thinking what exactly is this and how does it taste like?
This is one of the most unique dish I have ever tried so far in my life! 
I was wondering the same exact questions when this dish was served before us!
Well, This is one of the restaurant's signature dish! It doesn't taste fishy at all or rather, it's not even fish! The idea was to creating similar texture just like sashimi using watermelon.
A really unique, refreshing dish I would say.

Tofu Avo
Love your greens then you will love this dish! This is one of my favorites!
Fresh greens, rich in Vits avocado, tofu pieces and nuts are just so deliciously-fresh!
You get to taste the freshness and the crunchiness of the greens!
FYI, about 50% of the menu is Vegetarian! So healthy and yet you get to eat without feeling guilt! :)

Mushroom Tea
Yes, you heard right, it's mushroom tea... in a tea cup!
This is another really unique experience you will get when you visit Onaka.
Just take a look below and you will know. :)

Refreshing, tasty mushroom tea!

Here's our mushroom tea model, Evalee!

And myself of course!

 (Photo Credit: Debra)
Next up...
Roasted Mushroom Soba
Great smelling roasted mushrooms with soba might be new to all of us. 
This is one of the dish you will love if you like Japanese soba. 

Organic Pineapple Fried Rice with Quinoa
Flavourful and tasty pineapple fried rice that is! Using organic rice to prepare this dish is just so thoughtful! Although it's fried rice, you won't taste much of the oiliness at all.
Onaka uses all-natural ingredients without artificial additives, chemicals, colorings, flavorings, MSG, and tran-fats! And they do not use pork and lard at the restaurant!

Hot and Sour Prawns Rice Noodles
To me, this is a MUST-TRY dish from Onaka! One of their signature dish, the prawns are so fresh and chewy, the sauce taste almost like tomyam and it's really delicious! I think I can finish one plate of this by myself! hurhur~
I like the fact that you can still taste the freshness of the prawns, the mushrooms and the noodles even though the sauce is flavourful.

Just look at that... hungry now??
Pear and Salmon
 Another signature dish from Onaka, this is also quite an interesting pair. By mixing both the pear and salmon along side with other ingredients, you will be surprised how tasty this dish is.

Pumpkin Seabass
 Does it look like some soya bean cake or tempai sorta dish?

This is actually one great looking seabass dish!
The fish is fresh and I really like the generous amount of fish meat they serve in just a plate!

Duck Pancake
This is one of the raved dish from most of the blogger friends there.
The pancake was actually hand-made, combine with duck meat in between, this dish surprized all of us. You got to have it while its still warm!

48 hr Beef

For those who love beef, this is a dish not to be missed!
The effort in preparing and serving up a great beef dish is unbelievably difficult and need loads of work because you wouldn't want your beef to be tough!
I rarely take beef but this is delicious with the sauce poured over.

Next sweet treats..
Avo Choco Emotion with Cocao 7 Chocolate
 Incredibly creative! When this was served, I gradually put on a smile and eager to take photo of it already! Can you resist the cute chocolate dino and grumpy man?
Self Imaginary: Dino seems happy playing with the muddy greens, while man becomes grumpy after sliding off his banana crisp slide into the muddy green. hurhur!
It's unique pair again, with Avocado and Chocolate.
It taste like mousse cake, with the right amount of sweetness in it!
I love the banana crisp especially!

Indeed! Really happy and glad to know about Onaka!
 I will definitely be back for the Hot and Sour Prawn Rice Noodles soon! ;p
It's great to catch up with fellow blogger friends and made new friends too! :)

 (Photo Credit: William)
Parking at ARC is FREE with a min purchase of $30 on weekday evenings and FREE parking on weekends! How great!

Check out their facebook page for more info and promo:

Located at 460 Alexandra Road #01-32 PSA Building Singapore 119963
Nearest MRT: Labrador Park

Operating Hours:
Mon - Fri 11:30am-10pm
Lunch (Last Order) - 2:30pm
Dinner (Last Order) - 9:30pm
Afternoon Tea - 3pm - 5pm

Saturday & Sunday Brunch - 10am - 5pm
Dinner - 6pm - (Last Order) 9:30pm

Mon - Sun (Happy Hour Promotion) - 2pm - 8pm

Tel: 6270 2012

Till then.

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