Friday, 31 May 2013

[Tech review] Casio Exlim ZR-700 Camera - Now you can capture beautiful sceneries and memories!

Being a lifestyle blogger, you need a good camera to capture the beauty of life and showcase to every friends and followers.

If you love to capture beautiful scenery, food, and other lovely and memorable sights,
you got to give this camera a try!

Guess which is mine? :)

I have 3 Casio cameras in total and one of them is Casio Exilim ZR-700!
It's one of the lightest camera I ever tried and in love with.

Here's some of the usual modes I love to use from Casio Exilim ZR-700:

"Program Auto"  / "P" mode

This is the most natural and captures really nice realistic pictures really well!
Great for sceneries, food, selcas too!

Taken these images at Sentosa Boardwalk after having a seriously full dinner at one of the restaurant at Vivocity! It's really nice to have a walk after dinner and have a good chat with your love ones.

 When it comes to food, the P mode is really awesome!

Here's my food review on Onaka, photos taken using Casio Exilim ZR-700!

"Light Tone" in Art mode
In my blog post on Osim uAngel, I decided to use this mode for all my pictures because in my opinion, Angel's usually pure and white, soft and with fluffy feathers around! 
Light tone gives me such feeling! It also gives off the dreamy look if you plan to use this mode for portrait! :)

My Osim uAngel post:
"Wide Shot" in Best Shot/BS mode
It's really interesting trying this mode because you need to semi-press the 'capture' button and drag the camera slowly from left to right. Try it a few times and you can get the hang of it!

Great for wide scenery shots and long long roads! I only manage to drag for 3 seconds and if I were to drag for long, I think I can end up at Paragon. haha!

"HDR Art" in Art mode
One of the best art mode which I love to use!
It captures normal photos and turn it into works of art!
Use this mode if you want to have a more distinctive strong colours shown in the photo, and it does save another normal copy in your memory card so you don't have to take the same photo again! :)

I was at Quincy Hotel for a Staycation Review and capture these beautiful sights of the view and to be honest, I fell in love with this mode already!

The swimming pool!
Just look at the different tones of blue, It's just so unbelievably beautiful!

My next blog post will be on Quincy hotel which all of my photos are proudly taken by Casio Exilim ZR-700! Yes, I'm that proud because my pictures are really nice! haha!
Stay tune for more yah :)

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