Monday, 15 April 2013

[Contest ended + Review] Don't belittle this sofa! Looks angelic and does the job well, uAngel by OSIM!

"May there always be an Angel by your side.
It’s everyone’s wish to have an angel to be with at every path of life."

Always looking forward to have a good cozy spot at home for me to rest and unwind after a day of hard work.
I’m lucky to be able to have this beautiful and magical ‘Angel’. It’s the newest product from OSIM! They've just launched this gorgeous sofa, but don’t belittle it! You might thought uAngel has the look of a small home sofa but with a touch of a button, It'll transform into a reclined full-body massage chair. 

Behold the World's 1st Sofa-Tranzformer!

You will be spoilt for choice as uAngel has a wide extensive contemporary designs and colors that matches any house interior! 
And of course, I've chosen Stellar Red uAngel to be 'THE ONE' for me. 
I love red, that's the main reason! ;)

Love it when I placed it at the corner of my living hall and I can sit and relax while doing my work or reading my favorite magazine.

Measuring only 86cm by 70cm in armchair mode, uAngel will be ideal even for homes with limited space, just like mine. It is very easy to match any home interior, environment and even settings.

The fully retractable foot massage unit have saved about 34% more living space for me while maintaining the sleek and modern look. You can easily clean or maintain it by using a semi-dry cloth and gently wipe the surface, and for the foot part, you can unzip the black cloth material to have a light wash, dry it and zip back to the unit and there you go!

The Perfect Endorser of OSIM uAngel!

The renowned Queen of Transformation, Hong Kong Cantopop queen, Sammi Cheng is definitely the perfect endorser for OSIM's uAngel! She's so natural and I love her acting and singing skills. She looks so good just sitting on the uAngel!

Here's a video of Sammi Cheng magically transforming uAngel from a sleek sofa to a full-body massage sofa chair:

And here's what she has to say about this magical uAngel:

So let's check out what are the modes I love to use, shall we?

Here's me doing the 'Neck & Shoulder' mode while playing Candy Crush on my iPad mini! 
I like the fact that there's so many ways to make use of the sofa chair to relax yourself and definitely this is one of my favorite way.


Using the detachable back rest to rest your feet = recliner chair! Great idea ain't it? I guess many of you know the cost of a standard recliner chair right? Costs at least S$1000-S$1800 or more and there's no massage functions at all! 

I love the fact that uAngel not only save spaces for you and eases your pain, it also doesn't burn your pockets too! With the current promotion going on and selling at S$1988 (U.PS$2688) is definitely worth every cent! Not an ad, I mean it!

I would say after trying out OSIM uAngel, I don't think I will need to drop by or visit any foot reflexology outlets. This intensively powerful and strong massage with roller reflexology helps to ease away my tired legs! Definitely relaxes and eases your tension especially if you are mostly seated at work or wearing heels which tires your feet easily! Yah, talking about me... hehe!

Although it focus more on the points around my neck & shoulders, my feet gets the pampers too!

Hint: Try switching off the lights, light your oil burner with your favorite essential oil scent and activate your favorite massage mode = Super Relaxing! The flicking candles in the oil burner spreading the fragrance across the room while you get to ease and soothe your aches, you can't imagine there's literally few times I actually slept really well... on the uAngel! My mum has to wake me up! haha!

And when the chair is upright, it transform into our favorite compact sofa with the sleek and modernized look which you can sit back and relax too!

Preset and manual modes available, create your own!

uAngel has become the 'highlight' in my home. My mum has been using it and the feedback from her was really good! She has less complains of aches and pains and she loves the compactness of it yet does its job well which is to help ease and soothe the aches away! Now we are alternating our time to use the uAngel! Haha!

Thanks OSIM for this wonderful experience and letting this 'Angel' soothe my pain away!

CONTEST! (ended)

'Dress Up As An Angel Photo' Contest!

Photo: Post a photo of you dressing up as an angel and the photo with highest votes wins OSIM products worth over $200! Visit to join now! Contest ends on 19 April, so snap away!

It's super easy to join the contest!

Follow these simple steps to join:
1) Just take a photo of yourself dressing as an angel
2) Upload it HERE!
3) Garner more votes!

Contests ends on 19 April 2013

*I'm a flower angel with pampers! hehe! Join me, okay? :)

Share it with your love ones and friends! 
*You can ask your love ones or even dress your children as an angel to take part too! ;)

For more information on Osim uAngel,
Check out their website and OSIM SG Facebook Page !

Link to the contest app is HERE!


*Photos taken by Casio Exilim ZR-700!