Friday, 12 April 2013

[GIVEAWAY + Sponsored Review] Glam up your nails with your creation. Bling it on and Win nail stickers by Niu Nails!

Hey guys, 
Sorry for not being able to update my blog lately due to my school's schedule and exams around the corner. It was definitely a huge change in my life this March and April! 
I really can't wait to share with you guys what is happening but I am going to keep it as a secret and share when the time is right :)

And back to what I wanna share with you guys today...
Well, I should really say Thank you to my nail sponsor, Serene from Niu Nails.
This time, I opted for a bling and pretty wedding nails design because I love those natural yet elegant look which matches really well with any outfit!

You can read my first post about Niu Nails here!

So here it is..

Using a base with hues of light purple glittery Gelish and silver glitters with different texture and shapes to bring out the shine at different angles!

Next up, Serene patiently created two light blue flowers instead of the usual ribbons on my big thumb and my fourth finger.

I know I will sound very sua-gu (mountain tortoise aka country bumpkin) but I'm still gonna say I really like this machine! 
It makes any Gelish nails last so much longer and dry instantly!
Boo to those normal nail polish that always don't dry fast enough! 
I rather pay more for a better quality Gelish nail polish to strengthen my nails, with great and fancy designs that last much longer!

Ta-da! This is definitely magical! 
From a plain looking nails, she can do wonders, and that's why I have been receiving great comments about the first set of nail designs and this too!

I love it even when I dress down on days I don't have the mood to doll up. And having pretty nails really add points to your look! I must say as of now, the designs is still pretty much in tact and no dropping of any blings at all! It's been 20 days and counting, and it's still looks as great as it was in the beginning! 
My clients have been complimenting on the pretty nails I have. 
I'm very proud of it!

This is one of my favorite design done by Niu Nails! 
Not on my nails but one which really caught my eye! <3
Photo: xX Couleurs de l'Ombre Xx 
Nails tip extension

And because Serene is so nice to me, she's even nicer to you guys too!!

(Sponsored by Serene, Niu Nails)

5 Winners will get to WIN Fancy Nail Stickers in packs of 3!

Simply follow the steps to win:

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That's It! Simple ain't it? 
We will announce the lucky 5 when Niu Nails get to 200 likes! 
So do Share this good news with your buds and love ones! ;)
There's special promotions going on too!

Buddies and girlfriends will definitely enjoy this! 
Manicure is not only loved by the females, and also the males too! 
Bring your boyfriend/ husband along the next time you do your nails, he will definitely enjoy it as much as we do! ;)

Book your appointment now! 
 *Call / SMS: 8113 6741 (Serene aka Niu Nails)

Hougang Street 91, Block 927

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