Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Start Your Day with New Breakfast Offerings from McDonald's Singapore

Do you know that breakfast is one of the most important meal of the day?
It helps to kick start your day with the right amount of energy that can even lasts you the whole day!
And of course, in Singapore, we have many varieties of food that serves as breakfast! 
We are spoilt for choices!

Still remember the post on National Breakfast Day?
It was a blast! And everyone was queuing so orderly for the free Egg McMuffins! 
Kudos guys!

And here, I would like to share with you guys the ultimate New Breakfast Offerings from McDonald's Singapore!

Yes, if you can spot it right, it's the Chicken Muffin and Strawberry/Hot Fudge hotcakes!

I was so looking forward to attend this breakfast session with the team as you know, I'm a foodie so how can I not be there right! 

The session was held at McDonald's Ang Mo Kio Park and my oh my, I love this location! 
I'm sure many residents staying at Ang Mo Kio would often visit McDonald's at this location because there's an indoor playground for children, a private room where people can book for private parties and also the great outdoor ambience which really good for chilling out with family and friends!

McDonald's Singapore Team presented to all bloggers who attended the blogger session this adorable food strap complete set! It's way too adorable to the extend that most of us quickly took out our weapon (Cameras) and start taking photos of it!

Adorable isn't it! I gave this McDonald's Food Strap Complete Set to my 3 year-old nephew and he's already loving it! I heard from my mum he even try to match it as a 'set' to serve his customer, apparently it's my sister-in-law! Lol!
And so we tried out the new offerings:

Strawberry and Hot Fudge Hotcakes at $5.50 
(price listed is not applicable at iFly and via McDelivery)

Have a sweet start to your day with fluffy Hotcakes, available with two brand new toppings – strawberry or hot fudge. It is simply pure indulgence!

I always love hotcakes from McDonald's especially on days when I have more time to spare. And trying out the new toppings did excites me as well!

[Zerika-says : I would definitely pick Hot Fudge as my topping for the hotcakes as I love anything with chocolate! :) You can request for margarine if you find it abit dry. As for the Strawberry toppings, I was expecting it to be rather sweet but it wasn't, which is a good thing! It does taste pretty good too, and If I were to choose, I might purchase an extra ice cream to go along with it! PS: I was just trying out mixing the 2 toppings together. Taste not too bad too! :) ]
Chicken Muffin Breakfast Meal at S$4 (Price listed is not applicable at iFly and via McDelivery)

Deliciously tender chicken crisped to perfection in a soft toasted muffin with cheese, enjoyed with a golden hash brown, and new richer, bolder premium roast coffee.  

The combination of cheese with the right amount of mayonnaise, together with the outer crisps and soft buns and the tender crispy chicken will definitely WOW you!

[Zerika-says: Usually, I'll order Sausage McMuffin with Egg meal for my breakfast but after tasting this new delicious Chicken Muffin, I totally in love with it! It's the flavorful and delicious crispy chicken with their breakfast buns which attracted me and since then, it's my favorite breakfast!]

Group Photo!

It was such a great experience for meeting new blogger friends and indeed, we enjoyed ourselves and also, enjoyed the breakfast spread by McDonald's! Really, go try out the Chicken Muffin for Breakfast, you won't go wrong with it!

Look out for more exciting updates by Mcdonald's at:


Thank you, Omy and Mcdonald's Team for the wonderful experience! :)


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  1. Agree breakfast is the most important meal of the day :)