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[Sponsored Food Review] Aone Claypot House featuring their newly launched and must order dishes at Kallang Wave Mall.

It's been just a few months that Kallang Wave Mall has officially opened and what really impress me was that you can find most of various popular food joints in this mall.

Not only located very conveniently beside Stadium Circle Line, you can even head to Kallang Leisure Park which also located nearby for some after-meal movies or bowling.

You will never complain about having nothing to do if you visit that area.


Earlier in March, Some of the bloggers were invited for a tasting session at one of the popular food joint which caters a wide range of Claypot dishes and many other comfort food.

Featuring AOne Claypot House!

I believe it's not new to many locals however, if you've not been to AOne Claypot House, then scroll down to find out some of my reviews on their dishes!

I've been to many Claypot restaurants before but AOne Claypot House indeed serves an even more extensive and wider range of claypot dishes for you to choose from. 
Definitely spoilt for choices!

Brought along my boy to the food tasting session.
He's not a fan of salted eggs and century eggs and always remove them or scooping them up to pass to me.  -_-'" 

We were seated at a corner of the restaurant and Vincent, the representative of AOne Claypot House ran through the presentation slides with us to let us know more about the brand.

They'd came up with some new add-ons into their menu and I can tell you it's superb!

Assorted Vegetables in Sambal Sauce

French Bean, Long Beans, Lady Fingers, Egg-plant 
stir fried with minced meat in Sambal Chili sauce

It's probably one of my must-order dish if I were to be back again!
Great for those who enjoys spicy dishes.
It's flavorful, not too oily!
Crunchy, slight salted and taste great when you combine it with a pot of porridge!

Fish Maw stuffed with Minced Meat in Fish Roe Sauce

Pretty decorated.
The broccoli stays crunchy, the sauce does not overpowers the entire dish and that's good because you get to taste the original flavor of the meat and fish maw.
The meat itself was tender and juicy, and I like the combination of fish maw and mince meat!

A well-balanced dish I would say! 


Dried Scallop Porridge with Minced Meat & Assorted Eggs (Century Egg, Salted Egg, Egg)

The porridge so soft and silky smooth, it literally melts in your mouth. The clay-pot was great for containing the heat and making the porridge's temperature last even longer.

It's a very appetizing dish, I believe it's because of the salted egg, yet the porridge doesn't taste too salty and goes very well with many other dishes in-store.

One of our favorite dish! Even Melvin was pretty impress as well because he don't like salted eggs and century eggs and will always dig them out and pass to me. -_-'''
 However, he finished his portion and even asked for more!

That goes to show how tasty it is!
*I bet if his mum saw this will be like, " Serious???"
Yes auntie! He really finishes his portion! TEEHEE :)

Seeing him enjoying his meal at the tasting session really makes me smile!

Claypot Pork Belly with Salted Fish
Smoking hot!
It's not really spicy in my opinion but to my table-mates, they only tasted a few mouthful and .. they let me have them haha! So for those who can really take spicy, probably you might want to have it with a bowl of plain porridge/rice. 
The pork belly was well-sliced, tender and flavorful. Good!

Hotplate Ginger Deer Meat

The deer meat was tender and the sauce was made just right without overpowering its juicy texture and natural flavor. I would prefer to have this dish with a bowl of white rice or a plain porridge where you can scoop up the sauce and adds it into your rice/porridge. Simple but satisfying.

Pork Floss "Chai Po" Omelette

One of the new add-on! 
The pork floss gives the egg an additional texture. 
And yes, egg and porridge traditionally goes well together! 
I like it as it's not too oily and the egg was fried to a pretty golden brown. 

You must be wondering what's beneath the omelette as it seems like it's popped up. 
It's fresh cabbage for those who love their greens. :)

Clear stock soup with Spinach and Meat Balls

I actually ordered this to let Melvin and my table-mates to try because I've ever had this before last year with my family at their Chinatown Point outlet and both my parents love it. 

Melvin always love meat balls/ fish balls, spinach and soup.
This is like a 3 in 1 for him and I'm glad he likes it! :)
Very healthy dish indeed because it's not salty at all, and there's generous amount of wolf-berries.

Fried Eggplants with Pork Floss

I think I'm in love with this dish. It's one of the dish where you can't stop having it!
Fried into this pretty golden brown, the pork floss adds a nice flavor and texture to this dish!

My table-mates and I love this dish! :)

Deep Fried Pumpkin and Lotus Root with Creamy Salted Egg Sauce

Another favorite!
The outer layer of the deep fried pumpkin remains crisp even after the salted egg sauce was poured over it. Soft in the inside, the sauce definitely adds another feels to it.

Assorted Dried Fruits Tea

A naturally sweet and healthy way to end our meal!
It's a sweet infusion of mix dried fruits that was soothing and refreshing.

This pot of goodness are great for sharing and after meals! 

This is what happens when you see a group of bloggers sitting together.

(photo credit: AOne Claypot House)

(photo credit: AOne Claypot House)

Thank you AOne Claypot House for hosting us. Thanks Tiffany! 
We now know where we can find quality comfort food! :)


I've been to the Tampines One outlet and Chinatown point outlet on separate occasions even before the tasting session happened and I am glad I've come for the tasting session to get to try out other dishes. 

Here's where you can locate AOne Claypot House:

If you're looking for a dining place that serves family-styled comfort food, try AOne Claypot House!
Do check them out at your nearest outlet!

'Like' AOne Claypot House's FB page  or check out for more information! :)

*Do share with me if you've tasted other must-order dishes from AOne Claypot House by commenting in this post! I'll reply! :)

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