Wednesday, 4 February 2015

[Night Life in SG] Martell VSOP Black Tie Edition by Jason Wu event party at Zouk Singapore

Hey guys!
I know I haven't been really updating my blog and I really think I should update much more often because some of my readers are already asking me where am I! hahaha! okok I'm back now!

 yay :)

I'm about to share one remarkable event which took place at Zouk Singapore recently and this event definitely leave some great memories, so, this shall be marked as my first blog post for the the year 2015! 

As you all know that Zouk Singapore will be closing pretty soon and most of my youngest time (during weekends) was literally spent here. Yeah, I clubbed, chilled and enjoyed myself here with my friends when I was in my early twenties. I'm sure many of u do share the same feeling - we will miss this awesome place!

I feel super thankful as I was one of the winner who joined  one of Juice Singapore's FB contest - exclusive invites and bag a bottle of Martell Black Tie Edition by Jason Wu home! Omg! Can you believe it? That's what I told myself! We are going to have a great night! ME and Melvin! Woohoo!

And so, on 30th January 2015, Friday.....
We attended the party with joy and a thankful heart! 


Black Tie Edition

By Jason Wu

Outside the entrance,
there's a photo booth where we can get our pictures taken and get it upload into instagram with hashtags #martellblacktie #martellblacktiecontest to join the event contest.

I uploaded this picture below as one of the contest image:

The highlight of the event

There are 2 cocktails that have been concocted specially for the party:

The Wu [Inspired by Jason Wu] (left)
Martell VSOP, Cherry Brandy, Simple syrup topped up with ginger ale and garnished with a cherry

Georgian mint Julep (right)
Martell VSOP, Peach Liqueur, Garnished with mint leaves

My very first bottle of Martell VSOP Black Tie Edition by Jason Wu.

I would prefer 'The Wu' as it tasted lightly fruity sweet and you get to really taste the intense note of the Martell. Very Nice! 

Super love the bottle so much!
It's matte finish with elegance indeed!
From far it does look like it's wearing a tuxedo! Cute!

There was promotion going on during the event it was definitely a blast!

We were also given a black bow-tie as part of the party theme and so we tried wearing it.
I can actually keep it for future use! 
Very good quality! *auntie-mode on*

How do I look?

Hahaha.. he was enjoying every bit until I started putting this bow-tie for him! LOL
Did I tighten it too much? hmm.. 

At the end of the event, I am so grateful because they'd announced that I'm one of the Instagram contest winner and manage to bring home another bottle of Martell VSOP Black Tie Edition!! 

They said I made an effort to collage and edit despite the environment is dark. 
*awww...* It's so sweet to hear this!
Can see my face?

It was definitely an enjoyable and remarkable night spend at Zouk Singapore for this event!
The ladies were so professional and friendly. I was a little lost as to where to get into the line or should I even queue even though I have registered under guest-list (there were many queues and some youngsters just cut queue or push their way in front to get in, only to know they're asked to go outside and have a 5-mins break before joining in the queue again -_-'''). 

Special thanks to Juice Sg for this event! 
Do check them out for more promotions, event updates and contests!

Omg.. I have 2 bottles of cute tuxedo-ed Martell VSOP Black Tie Edition (*super-blessed!) 
and I'm only going to open it for a big big occasion. hehehe* can you guess which occasion I'm talking about?

For now, it's gonna be kept in my room. No touching. Thanks!

I'll be sharing my next experience very soon.

Do watch this space for more updates and also giveaway!

Till then,

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