Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Fashion Style UPDATE: adidas NEO Label's New Style Icons and 2013 Collections

I must say I am really lucky to be part of the few bloggers to know first hand about the launch of adidas' newest label

OMG, talking about it makes me so excited!!!
Got to thank Mag for being sucha sweetie to me,  sharing good news with me!
 so loved please!

 It was such a cool surprise upon entering the adidas office where you get to shop and work at the same building. Yes, you heard me, you can work and shop. How cool is that!

And then, we were led to this amazing room filled with pretty items from NEO!
These are so ME because I love anything in Pink and/or Black!

Mag has been aiming this bag since she enters the room. hurhur!

We were so drawn to the canepe that the adidas team has prepared for the blogger session.
Look at the spread!

Happy Mag!

Just the look at it is already so appetizing!
Okay, I'm hungry now >_<

And of course the chocolate lollipops!

And chocolate cakes!
*I love chocolate cakes!*

Me and my yummy sweeties~!

The press kit given to us was so innovative and unique!
Green is down to earth, Green is fun!
*The green box consist a headphone, a bright green nail polish, a green wristband thumbdrive which contains all the information we need and 2 cute green lollipops!
How sweet! <3


And so, I'm going to tell you guys what's the happening part!

adidas’ newest label, NEO SPRING/SUMMER 2013 collection! 

NEO means new! It's young, fashionable and fun, just like the colour GREEN!

And of course,
One of the two teen POP/R&B superstar as NEO's new style icon,
The very stylish global phenomenon,
*fan girls scream*

 Oh gosh... see how suave he is.... *melt*

Also, Adidas NEO Label is one of the proud sponsors of Justin Bieber's "Believe" world tour

There's even a contest for teens all over the world to hunt for the pop teen idol's exclusive-customized NEO gold sneakers,  win a pair and meet Justin in person on tour in Miami!

The other POP/R&B teen superstar  is none other than 
as new style icon and guest designer!

Selena will work with NEO to design and develop seasonal ranges beginning Fall/Winter 2013.

Ain't she pretty?

*Teens from all over the world admire her natural and enduring sense of fashion and style!*
I can't wait for her own collections with NEO to launch!

Selena having fun painting the town GREEN, in a video making for NEO!
*How I wish I was part of them*

Looking at her just makes me feels young again, 
not that I'm saying I'm old but if I'm always dressing up in dull or black outfit, I will definitely look dull and bored right?
I'm going to refresh my wardrobe with vibrant and fun colors from now!
No more black and dull colors!:)

And so, It's phototaking time!

Mag and this super nice NEO tee!
One of my fav piece!

OMG.. I just love this bright yellow Cardi!!
See my happy face?? You will know why later...

The matching Pink Flamingo Shorts (if you recall the bag)!

I like big bags and this tote is so fashionable and stylish! How can I not pose with it!?

And the reason behind my smile:


I think it suits me.. hurhur*

I've never wear a color so vibrant and bright before and this is the first time ever that I'm wearing it and I'm loving it!

Oh.. gosh... someone need to stop me please...

Some designs that they carry:

Me with the matching pink flamingo shorts and tee! <3

Mag wearing the cap and starts to yo! Whatsupp! Check it out yo~!

Me trying to pose ~!

Mag and the lovely ladies from adidas!

Thank you, adidas team for having us!
Making us feel at home and being such great hosts! :)
So happy to attend with Mag and get to know all the newest updates from adidas!
Thanks Mag! <3

Want to know more about adidas NEO label ??

Check out their website:
and their Facebook page:


adidas NEO Label is available at the following retail outlets:

DOT Bugis Plus
 201 Victoria Street
Bugis Plus

DOT Tampines 
1 10 Tampines Central
Tampines 1 S529536

Link by THM Jurong Point 
1 Jurong West Central 2 #03-11
Jurong Point 2 S648886

Link BHG Bugis 
230 Victoria Street #03-01
Bugis Junction S188024

Shall visit my yellow cardigan soon and bring it home! :)
Can't wait for Selena's collections!


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