Saturday, 30 March 2013

Olivia Ong's Galaxy Wonderland Showcase by Samsung at The Coliseum, Hard Rock Hotel, Resorts World Sentosa!

Thanks to Hpility aka Hong Peng for the VIP passes to Olivia's Galaxy Wonderland Showcase by Samsung!

It was a pleasant treat to me as I haven't been to an outdoor showcase before.
And I'd share this awesome experience with my partner in crime, Mr Style King aka Shannon.
(I don't know where he is looking at.. hehe*)

It was held at The Coliseum, Hard Rock Hotel Singapore, Resorts World Sentosa on 
March 23rd 2013.

Glad to see Jeremy, Terence and Jason as well. 
And my favorite girls are there too! Buddy Debra and Ninah.
Why is there such showcase by Olivia?

Samsung's Celebrity Ambassador Olivia Ong Uses GALAXY Note II LTE to Co-create Latest Song with Fans
(source: Samsung website)

Celebrity ambassador for the Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd's GALAXY Note II LTE, 
Olivia Ong, has completed “Simple Joys in Life (Wonderland)”, a song specially created through a collaborative and creative journey with her fans.

Hear more on what friendship, life and wonderland means to Olivia:

Song:Simple Joys in Life (Wonderland) by Olivia Ong
 Start of Showcase!

She kicks off with songs from her albums such as Ready For Love, I Promise,  Let It Rain, You And Me and  many more.

 It was wonderful listening to Olivia's live performance and indeed, it's very refreshing and enjoyable! 

Her voice is definitely soulful with the right amount mood and you could see that she did enjoy herself and indulge in the songs she sang for the night too!

She has also performed songs by the likes of The Beatles and Joni Mitchell, who have been her musical influence.

She's not only great in singing pop ballads in English and in Chinese as well. The songs she chose for this gig though different from what I usually would listen to but it's indeed catchy and makes me wanna sing along too!

 At mostly all intervals, she'd share with the audience her choice of genres of songs, experiences with Samsung Galaxy, what she has been busy with and how she and her music crew created the song "Simple Joys in Life (Wonderland)"! 
And of course, the creation was done with Samsung Galaxy Note II LTE!

Her voice does captivate me, seems so pure and soothing to me!

Check out this video:

Indeed an enjoyable night at the showcase!
Thanks HP!^^

Click on the following for more information: 

Would love to attend her concert/gig if there's opportunity to come!<3


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