Sunday, 9 June 2013

[Food Review] Beanstro by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® Launches Breakfast Special for a limited period only!

"Something to start your day right and it's gonna be Beanstro by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®!"

Breakfast to me is really important! When you start your day right with the right food, you'll get great strength and energy for the rest of the day! And of course, if you enjoy what you eat, you will be even more positive and happy!

You must have heard this before,"A hungry man is an angry man!"
So I always believe in starting your day right with food that you enjoy best!

And here in this post, I'm so happy to share with you guys this super good news!

Beanstro at Takashimaya has launched its breakfast special and it's going on for a limited time only!

I was lucky to be on time to try out this satisfying breakfast special!

And here it goes~

Love how they have done up the place so cozy and the staff are so friendly there!

*I actually had a glimpse of the desserts display and I was already drooling!

Brought along my partner in crime, Shannon aka Mr Style King as he too love food like I do!

Beanstro has quite a good range of beverages to choose from,  so I've ordered myself a Mocha Latte and  Shannon a Hazelnut Latte to start of.

As you can see from the table menu, Beanstro's Breakfast Special does serve with coffee or tea, so do let them know your preference! 

(*might have additional cost if you choose to change your drinks to latte or others, do check out with the Beantro's friendly staff for more info alright!)

Egg Royale (S$13.50++)

I would say this is THE-ONE for me! This was the first to served up and while I slowly dig-in to this crazy delicious Egg Royale, I just couldn't stop myself at all! I was suppose to share all 4 breakfast specials with Shannon to have a taste of each but this seriously just too good for me! I love the poached egg, so soft yet done just right. The smoked salmon so tasty and combining all together with the soft toast at the bottom= no words can describe!

And Beanstro are sucha a sweetie, they are so generous with their smoked salmon.

Next up,
Egg Florentine (S$12.50++)
This is another good-to-try dish if you love flavorful fried garlic and ham! 
The combination does work wonders to your taste bud! 

*Seriously, another generous portion of ham by Beanstro! I like!

Egg Salmon & Asparagus (S$14.00++)

Well, you might be thinking what is so different with Egg Royale where there's salmon too in this dish.
If you love your food with a little crunchiness and a little excitement, do go for this dish!
This is my second choice out of the 4 Breakfast Special by Beanstro.
Love how they make use of the salmon wrap with asparagus!

Egg Beef Patty (S$13.00++)

To be honest, I'm not really a red-meat lover. But I've tried tasting this dish and I find that it's quite interesting. The Beef Patty was definitely well done, It was tasty and juicy. The sauce for this dish was a little spicy, somewhat similar to curry sort of taste. This dish will be good for those who love red meat (Beef) and a little spice to excite them.

Here's me and my favorite dish 'Egg Royale from Beanstro'..

If I could just have it all by myself......~ Fun Emoticon

You gotta love the toast! I was raving about the toast on how soft it was and yummy. *drools again*

After the satisfying breakfast, we stayed on for desserts.
I've never tried desserts from Beanstro before. 
And the kind manager of Beanstro suggested us to try out 2 desserts, Apple Crumble and Bread & Pudding, which was their most popular orders.
 (*I can say I am kinda a regular @ MBS Beanstro, time to chill out more at Takashimaya Beanstro~!)

Apple Crumble
(served warm)

I have tasted apple crumbles somewhere else which usually a tad sweet, and will makes you feel thirsty. But surprisingly, Beanstro's Apple Crumble was not too sweet and it taste just right to me.
Great dessert for sharing after meals!

Bread & Pudding
 (served warm)
I love how they displayed the Bread & Pudding in a cup!And this dessert too, not too sweet and it just right for my liking.

Imagine yourself having a cuppa in hand, and digg'in to your dessert, watching people walking by while you relax your mind.
That's what I ultimately felt after my satisfying breakfast at Beanstro, Takashimaya.

Beanstro not only serves breakfast during the breakfast hours, they do have the All-Day Breakfast menu if you have cravings for pancakes and others!

Do check out Beanstro's Breakfast Special before 31st July 2013

*Beanstro’s Breakfast Special is exclusively available at the Beanstro outlet at Takashimaya S.C, #B1-37, only from 6 May to 31 July 2013, until 11am daily!
(All prices are subject to 10% service charge and prevailing government taxes.)


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