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[Giveaway ended] Asia Style Collection 2013 by featuring many artistes such as 2NE1, Girls' Generation, Lena Fujii, Tsubasa Masuwaka and many more!

 Hey guys! 
I'm extremely elated that I will be watching the Asia Style Collection concert this Saturday, 22nd June 2013 with Gushcloud team!
Is this a dream!?

Ah huh! That's how I reacted at first! 

Thanks GushCloud and!

 The inaugural ASIA STYLE COLLECTION 2013 is a celebration of Asian pop culture, combining fashion and music in an amazing one-day extravaganza. The event features the first-ever collaboration of Korea’s K-POP COLLECTION and Japan’s TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION, with exciting performances by Asia’s marquee musical acts.

Different designers with different models including MediaCorp artistes such as Ann Kok and Tay Ping Hui, popular Gushcloud bloggers such as Naomi Neo and Shine Koh, Japanese models such as Lena Fujii and Korean stars...


I'm not done yet! 

There's even performances by Japanese stars such as AKB48 and Korean stars such as 2NE1 and 
Girls' Generation! 
how can I miss it!? 
How can YOU miss it!?

YES! Two of my favorite famous Kpop girl group, Girls' Generation and 2NE1 will be performing for us at Asia Style Collection!

That's not all! Read on because I'm gonna tempt you to go too! :)

Shall be nice and give a little heads up on who's performing for us!

 Girls' Generation



You seriously gotta give it to them when you say fashion! I always love the way they dress up, their outfits, makeup and hairdo. Those who knows me will know that I like Park Bom's personality and look! She's my inspiration! I'm sure many of you are like me too! :)

Here's CL saying Hey! for Asia Style Collection 2013:


Japanese Stars such as..
They too will be performing for us! 

Do you buy Vivi Japanese magazines monthly? 
Well, if you do, you should know these popular Japanese models! 
Guys go gaga at them, Girls just wanna dress up/doll up and be like them! 
They give us great inspirations to us girls in SG and has even impacted us with their fashion culture! 

Lena Fujii
The famous 'dimple moles' that is kawaii yet sensual. Many of us definitely have tried dolling up like her! Some may even go to the extend of 'drawing fake dimple moles' to create a look like hers. 
I've always only able to see her on prints like magazines or on youtube, and thanks to, we get to see her in real!


Tsubasa Masuwaka
The founder of Dollywink! 
She's one successful model that turns her dream to reality by creating her own line of cosmetics! 
She's also one of the reason why us locals learn about gyaru makeups and doll up like her.



 and many more artistes! 

It's already exciting for me!
I really can't wait to check out each Japanese and Korean fashion and music culture at the Asia Style Collection!


 Now you know why you should be there!

Wanna win a pair of Asia Style Collection CAT C Tickets (worth $376)?
*3pairs up for grabs!

Simply follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Sign up for an account on

Step 2: Post your OOTDs with hashtagged #styleXstyle #Gushcloud 
in order to qualify for the contest

Step 3: Get as many people to 'love' your OOTDs 

The user with the most 'loves' on their OOTDs will win!! 

Simple ain't it?

But of course, you can purchase the tickets at
 if you want to be sure you won’t miss out! Better hurry because the tickets are selling really fast!

Event Details

Date:     Saturday, 22nd June 2013
Time:    1500hrs   Carnival Hall
             1800hrs   Fashion Show and Concert
Venue: Singapore Expo Halls 3 & 4

Ticketing Details

Priority booking for VISA cardholders until 19 May 2013. Ticket Categories are as follows:
Category A:      S$268.00
Category B:      S$228.00
Category C:      S$188.00
Category D:      S$148.00
Category E:      S$128.00 (Restricted View)
Ticket prices include 7% GST. Add S$3.00 processing fee per ticket.

For more information, do "like"'s FB Page,

Looking forward to this Saturday, 22nd June 2013! So Excited!
See you guys there at the event!
I’m sure we will have a blast and a smashing time together!

*Say hi to me when you see me there alright? <3 


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