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[Beauty Product launch] BioNike Health and Beauty - New generation of anti-aging treatments great for even sensitive skin!

Hey everyone,
It's been a long time since I shared on beauty products!
Here I am going to share with you guys one awesome brand that recently launched a range of anti-aging treatments skincare products which is of high quality, safe and effective for all skin-type consumers including those with sensitive skin!

Attended BioNike’s media preview earlier at Chameleon Club Lounge @ Dempsey Road with Debra and it was really an impressive presentation from the team.

The ambassador of BioNike is none other than Singapore idol, Tabitha Nauser!

She'd shared with us her love for BioNike's products and even sang for us! It was lovely!

And because she uses it too, it makes me even wanting to know more about the brand.

A brand that roots in Greek ethimology

 BioNike Products are made according to the
“Allergen-Free Philosophy”.
Each product is:
Preservative-Free, Fragrance-Free, Gluten-Free, Nickel Tested*




So why are we here?

BioNike had just launched a new revolution of anti-ageing treatment series of products:

Regenerating Fluid

Its intensive treatment that stimulates the natural production of structural skin components promotes natural skin regeneration and strengthens its defence mechanisms.
Suits all skin types and excellent used with other creams in the range for even better results!
DEFENCE ELIXAGE SATIN - Regenerating Cream

It’s great for promoting skin’s natural regeneration mechanism and enhances repair processes. Its ultra-sensorial, light and silky texture is ideal for normal and combination skin that counters damage from free radicals. 
Used it alone in the day/night and if you want better results, use it with Elixir fluid!
Nutri-Regenerating Cream

Rich and velvety texture that’s not only great for dry skin, it enhances skin’s natural regeneration and self-repair mechanisms and provide instant, long-lasting comfort even to very dry and aged skin! Use it alone or with Elixir fluid especially at night! 
Great for nourishing your skin!
Eye-Lip Balm

Our eyes and lip contour area are the most sensitive and delicate areas. Definitely need nourishment as well to prevent dryness.
And this eye-lip balm provides an immediately perceived filler effect.

The exclusive Subli-F.A.C.E ingredient complex
-      Works on all aging signs
-      Leaves skin toned and supple
-      Specific product to nourish the delicate, thin eye and lip contour areas

Anti-Ageing Mask

This ultra-creamy formula enriched with precious dermo-protective oils, which suits all skin types especially very dry skin, is definitely an extremely pleasant and relaxing treatment that gives an immediate feeling of comfort especially during the night!

What other products does BioNike carries?
I’m really surprised to see that there’s many other skincare ranges under BioNike such as Acteen which suits acne-prone skin, Defence B-lucent anti-spot series and the Defence Hydra5 series to name a few!


With Shu Qing and Debra

 My Review: 

Eye-Lip Balm
My Pick! I super love the Eye-Lip Balm which not only helps to moisturize my super-dry lips and eye contour area, it’s also not oily and even great for applying makeup after! It glides on really well on my skin and I can feel that my eye area becomes more supple compared to days I don’t use! 

Regenerating Cream
Love that it’s rather silky and light texture instead of those creamy and oily ones. Absorbs really fast and I like to use it like a face massage cream. 

Regenerating Fluid
One of the best from the range! I use it after my usual toning routine and before I apply any serum or moisturizing cream (depending on my skin’s mood :))! Super soft and great absorption! Sometimes, I just use this bottle of goodness and pat on some sunblock and that’s it! 

*I’m already in my late 20s okay, so don’t ask me why I uses anti-aging products! It helps to prevent especially when you are reaching 30s! boohoo :(

BioNike is currently available exclusively at Guardian and Spa-Lon
Yeah, it is now so convenient to purchase BioNike products. 

For more information, please visit

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