Monday, 19 August 2013

[Fashion Event] Xperia by SONY Fashion TV Beach Festival presenting Zardoze - 15 Hours of non-stop music, booze, fun and fashion!

Hi Guys and Girls!

Still remember the soft launch I've blogged on Fashion TV Beach Festival, which held at Pangaea last month and I did a giveaway of the passes?

*You can refresh your memory here! :) *

Those who did not attend the official Fashion TV Beach Festival, ohmygawd, you totally miss the fun!

It was super uber fun, especially when you are with awesome friends!

The event started early around 11 a.m and ended around 3a.m the next day!
Yeap! It's 15 hours of non-stop music, fun, booze and fashion!

*We decided to go in the evening so it's not so hot but at the end.. it's still hot lah!

By the way, just a heads-up, this post is filled with images alright! :)

Are you ready??



Shannon aka Mrstyleking, HP aka hpility and Susan.

Ninah, Brina, Debra (#youshouldknowwho) and Deb's dad~

Me and Susan!

I was literally perspiring because I was walking up and down as group of friends standing around at one corner and some friends was sitting down at the media area. Very busy ah! 
It's great to see each other and catch up before the fashion show start!

And it begins with...

The event host:  Dawn Yang!

The fashion show we'd attended was nonetheless by popular fashion label ZARDOZE!

It's really a great twist of oriental modernized fashion apparels that suits Asian and even Westerners too! Ain't the models look great? 

After the fashion show by Zardoze, we decided to have fun taking random casual shots while waiting for the next segment.

Here's Anu posing:
She'd taken part as a model in the Fashion in the City by Noel Caleb and also one of the contestant for Miss World Singapore 2013. You go girl!

Cute huh!

The Xperia by SONY girls taking turn to show their best to the audience and later the winner was announced.

Stella, Debra, Jenny and Me! 
*Pardon me for the blur photo! :)

A few shots of Dawn Yang and us..

I didn't put any faux eyelashes that night. Just brown liner and 2 coats of Mascara. :)
Stella and Dawn Yang
Dawn Yang and Deb

And while we are walking towards the Bar area, I saw these 4 cute bunny girls and I've to stop them for a photo-taking session!

And yeah, I manage to borrow the bunny ear too! 
One of the girls stick a sticker just below my neck and it was from the Biggest Baddest Parties!
Debra's friend, Dorothy.
Debra and her 'Naked' water with friends!

with the beautiful couple, Herbert and Vanessa from WardrobeTrendsFashion!

Us taking turns to pose with bike this time. :)

Me and Cynthia!
Gosh! Miss this babe! Glad to see you that night! :)

The boys~ (Shannon, HP, Shaun and William)
Their 'Zenith wrist watch' :)

It's my second time attending a beach party this year and I really enjoyed it!
(The first 2013 Beach party I went was the New Year Count-down Party 2013!)

The most important reasons (to me) is that I get to have fun meeting new people, bonding with my friends and enjoy the night away. 

Don't worry if you aren't able to attend this event.
 I'm sure there's more to come which I can invite you guys to join me! :)


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