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[Food Review] Where To Eat Singapore - Cafe de Hong Kong Chinese New Year (CNY) Menu 2014

Hi everyone!
Just to share about a place which got into my food hunt list recently.

Got invited to Café De Hong Kong’s CNY tasting thanks to Jodie and her team from Wheretoeat Singapore.

Café De Hong Kong, started in 2007, serves Hong Kong styled home-cooked cuisines prepared by Hong Kong Chefs. 

Your mood will get liven up just by seeing those colorful art pieces in the restaurant done by
 General Manager, Francis Mak's daughter!
 How about this 3-D art? Cute huh!


Are you ready for the food review?




Here's the first dish:

Braised  Shark Fin's Soup with Chicken Slice

Zerika-says: The soup was thick and tasty even without adding vinegar and pepper. 
Served with generous portion of ingredients such as Scallop, Shark's Fin, Chicken Slice and so on. 

Steamed Soon Hock Fish in Hong Kong Style:

Zerika-says: Soon Hock Fish was very fresh. 
The fish meat was steamed to slight pinkish color in order to taste the freshness of the fish and the sauce was not too salty as well. 
A very popular way of cooking fresh fish in Hong Kong.

Pen Cai Claypot consists of
 Dried Oysters, Goose Web, Prawn Ball, Sotong, Abalone, Chinese Mushroom, Sea Cucumbers, Fa Cai, Chicken, Roasted Duck, Dried Scallop, Radish and Vegetables.

Zerika-Says: When the cover was removed by the friendly and helpful staff, immediately everyone's eyes were on the goodies! Oh my, layers and layers of goodies in this claypot totally makes everyone salivates. It's always good to have Pen Cai for Chinese New Year as it's also being known as Abundance of Wealth and Treasure pot. 

All ingredients were separately prepared. One ingredient that really surprised me was the goose web that was added in this dish. It was really a great combination with good portions of tasty and succulent delicacies in a pot! A good serving for a family of 4-6. 
One of the Must-Order!

Lap Cheong, Yun Cheong, Lap Yuk

 Zerika-Says : Here we tried 3 types of sausages made of  Duck Liver aka Yun Cheong, Pork Belly aka Lap Yuk and Lap Cheong aka Chinese Sausage. Lap Cheong aka Chinese Sausage, generic term referring to the many different types of sausages originating in China mainly made of Pork/Livers and is one of the popular Cantonese dish that not only best eaten with rice, they use it to cook claypot rice and others such as fried rice.

Among the three, I would go for the Lap Cheong because it's not as oily compared to the other two and its flavors are just right, while the Yun Cheong was a little strong in taste.

 Fragrant Fish Roe Fried Rice

Zerika-says: I usually do not eat rice or at least opt out of any rice dishes because of Carb but this fried rice gets my point and definitely is one of the best I've tasted so far. Very flavorful and you can taste the fish roe bursting in your mouth every time you chew. 
Dried Scallop adds in the oomph in this dish so best is to mix it well!

 Golden Salted Egg Prawn

Zerika Says: This dish was a little oily to my liking. However, the prawns are well-done, moist and flavors was being absorbed into the flesh. I tried eating it with the shell and it tastes great. 

Good to order prawn dishes during Chinese New Year because it means..
(haha or happy things happening which makes you laugh/smile)! 
Good meaning eh?


 We had an enjoyable evening that night with a bunch of food lovers!

 Thanks Jodie! :)

 Us with Cafe de Hong Kong's General Manager, Francis.

 Thank you Where To Eat Singapore's Team and Cafe De Hone Kong for the lovely meal.

Glad to know this great makan place.
Shall plan a family date here soon! :)

Here's where you can try out Cafe de Hong Kong:

#01-01, 586 Balestier Road Singapore
Singapore 329898


.Opening Hours.

Tue - Sun
Lunch 11:30 am - 3:00 pm
Dinner 5:30pm - 12:00 am

For more info, Check out Facebook: Cafe de Hong Kong


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