Thursday, 23 October 2014

[Lifestyle] Uber - Free Taxi Ride? Discounts on your first taxi ride with Uber with Promo code!

Hey everyone!

I believe many have heard about the new mobile apps for booking of taxis in Singapore.

Its quite a hassle to call the operators to just request for a taxi and sometimes, the taxi just won't reach you at all.

Have you experience the below problems?
"Late for work/date or just plain lazy to take public transport so.... *flag cab*"
"Raining.... so... Cab time~"

and when you head to the queue or just on the street flagging for a cab...
Such things always happen:
"Wah the taxi queue is SOoooooo Long??"
"Where are all the cabs?!"
"What the.. Those #*^$? just have to cut my queue and go in front to get a taxi.. WHAT?!"

These are just a few of my thoughts whenever I need to get a taxi.

Yes, I get agitated sometimes. LOL

And I'm glad those app developers actually know our concerns! YAY!

Recently been using this Taxi mobile app called Uber.

What are the good points using Uber?
- No cash involved, just a valid credit card and that's it!
(*good if you so happen to find out you don't have enough cash to take a taxi)

Read more:

Uber SG is SO Generous!
It's their second time doing a FREE Ride Event.

And today is THE DAY!

Check out my first taxi trip experience from home to work.

Yes! It's FREE!

Make sure you read this carefully!

Each ride free up to $35! 
Omg.. If you take 2 rides each fare around $35 and for today, you would have saved up to $70 worth of taxi rides!


For any other day, do use the promo code below to get an instant $10 off your first ride with UBER, and get your very own promo code as well! 

Don't say I never share with you!

Download the App on your mobile and Register now!
*Available on Androids and Apple mobiles as well.

More info at

Till then,
Zerika Says

*Disclaimer: The above post was not sponsored/paid ad. It's just purely for sharing with you guys! :)

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  1. I tried the Uber cab app today! It was super difficult to find one T_T Didn't manage to get one.. :(