Friday, 22 May 2015

[Lifestyle] Students looking for part time jobs and internships in Singapore can now embark on their journey with

Hey everyone!

It's almost June holidays for many of you. 
Some of you in Universities might be already in your holidays.
Just wondering how you guys are going to spend your school holidays?
When I was around that age,
I was probably working on my part time jobs Singapore position during my school holidays,
earning that extra dollars just so I can catch a movie or 2 with friends,
eat and eat and shop! lol. 

Thinking back, It's really fascinating because you get to learn on the job, earn the dollars and make new friends!

It's win-win situation! 
Work, learn and get paid. Good right?
Build up some working experience and maybe you might make friends with your future boss? 
You'll never know! 

I do know some of you might just want to be a bummer and stay at home to play computer/online games all day long or even hang out with your friends daily with whatever pocket money your parents have provided.

You can slack your days away but time is clicking as well.
Time is Money you know?
Some of the part time jobs I've worked on were enjoyable too!
With all the colleagues guiding me on what to do and making sure I'm okay.
It's really a great feeling! *especially when you see the $$ coming in.. haha!
I'm sure your parents and loved ones will feel proud of you for making the right choice! 
Aiyoh. Prioritize your time my dear.


I do understand that it's really some hard-work searching for a suitable job, whether part-time or full-time.
And many job portals in Singapore are catered mainly for those who are looking for full-time positions.

There isn't any/or we hardly come across a portal that caters to part-time positions or internship Singapore opportunities, you think?

As you may already know, many job portals mostly cater to 
those who are already working and who 
prefer full time jobs rather than short term ones.

If a jobs portal gives you a wider choice of jobs to choose, 
and these job opportunities are focused on you as a student, surely why not, right?!


Come, I share with you...

I was introduced to by a friend,
A Singapore jobs portal which provides 
extensive job recommendations primarily in 
relation to the sub-niches of Singapore Internship and Part Time Jobs for Students .

Like wow! 
Now I can finally ask my company to check this website out when in search for 
part time jobseekers or student interns who are interested!
*you know it's pretty hard to get a suitable candidate sometimes.
This portal will be of good help to us!

[Signing up]
It's a breeze to sign up for 
Just tap on the "Sign in with Facebook" button and you are ready to go!

I'm impressed that they even have job offerings to Jobseekers looking for full-time, fresh graduate, freelance and temp/ad hoc jobs!

I've heard that they're pretty new but no matter how I scroll,
it seems like eternity because it is never ending.
So many jobs available!

When you upload your resume to, make sure it's updated
so that whenever you apply for a job, the company will automatically receive your resume.
Bravo to time-saving because you don't have to email them one by one!

You can even have them alert you on new suitable job positions!

If you're still in search of an internship /part-time job, do check them out!
Signing up is FREE~~~



Till Then,

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