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[Food Review] Ippin Cafe Bar - Cozy environment with affordable Japanese Food and Premium Sake

Along Mohamed Sultan where you can find this hidden gem:
 Ippin Cafe Bar - Singapore's first home concept Japanese cafe bar.

Yup you read it right!

This cafe bar is like a hidden spot if you're just passing by the area. 
They fit perfectly along the white stretch of shops but this is a place you should not miss.

Unlike many Japanese restaurants or bars in Singapore, this place is definitely one to go if you like to have a chat session or even just a casual dining and enjoy the cozy atmosphere.

People are friendly, price are friendly, with all prices include GST and Service Charge and best of all, FREE WIFI!

They have a corner for you to check out their merchandises while waiting for your food to arrive.
Or better yet, have fun posing outside for some fun shots and get your creative juice going.
I love how it blends in with the old and new modernized buildings!
It's another great photo-shoot venue and selfie lovers' paradise!

Not only do they serve home-style Japanese food,
they have tea, sake, premium Japanese snacks and even paper fiber clothing too!

If you're into sake, then this place is the right place for you.
There are 30 & more sake, depending on the season to satisfy your sake fix!
They have price-friendly premium sake in-store ranges from
$35 to $95 for 720ml for you to choose from.

Beautiful Ayumi is such a dear!
The lady boss herself and her crew are so friendly and nice, ever-ready to serve you,
so do head in to check out!

Was invited for a food tasting session with them and I was impressed.
The set meal are so affordable and food served with quality ingredients!

The starter that is crunchil-y appetizing.

This is not in the menu and have yet been introduced to the public but this is so good!
Salad bars are not new to many Japanese restaurants but the dipping sauce is different
and it taste creamy and flavorful.
Hope they can actually serve this in their menu.

Nikujaga pork and potato stew 
*Part of Deep fried Oyster Set S$24 nett.
Comes with rice, Hatcho miso soup, Nikujaga pork and potato stew, salad 
and hojicha pudding

Oysters are from Hiroshima Prefecture the most famous area of oyster in Japan.
It's lightly battered with the outer layer so crispy, leaving the inside fresh and juicy.

The stew was slightly salty but made well-done to compliment the deep fried oyster and rice.

Pretty well-balance meal!

Yakisoba Set
S$12 nett
Comes with Kobachi (small dish) and hojicha pudding (roasted green tea dessert).

Yakisoba comes from Chiba Prefecture.
A dish that's very Japanese because they have it almost all the time.
You don't have to head over to Japan to have it because you can taste the original from Ippin cafe bar.

Generous amount of marinated pork slices, cabbage and carrots.
My second pick for a simple satisfying meal!

Oyakodon Set
S$15.00 nett
Comes with miso soup and hojicha pudding.

This is one of my favorite among the tasting menu we had.
Chicken was boiled with dashi (stock) to enhance the taste of this dish and was flavorful when mixed with rice. 
It's quite appetizing actually for the right amount of salty taste.

You must be wondering what's that colorful round stuff in that mini cup?
It's actually Rattsu, flavored nuts!

It's pretty addictive when you start it.
Comes in 3 flavors: serious coffee, creamy strawberry and grassy matcha.

All you need to do is select your favorite flavored nuts and fill your cup with it.
Rattsu Nuts are priced at $8/cup.
A good snack to have when you while away.

*Ingredients in their set meals are carefully selected and they come from dedicated Japanese companies with combined history of 329 years!
Talk about traditions and quality!

Ippin Cafe Bar - Japanese Makan & Drinks Place
18 Mohamed Sultan Road, Singapore 238967

Opening hours: 11am - 11pm
Tel: 67334794
FB/IG Reservations: @IPPIN Cafe Bar

For more informations, check out Ippin cafe bar's FB page!

*All prices include GST and Service Charge. 
Free Wifi available.

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