Sunday, 19 August 2012

Selamat Hari Raya Singapore!

Hi guys,

Selamat Hari Raya for all my muslim friends! Hope you guys are having a great time like me! You guys must be bonding and enjoying food more than usual. heh *heh* This is Singapore. This is why its so harmony! :)

And for the rest of us, its 3 straight off days! yippy!
so what have you guys been doing?

been doing over-time at work since i started working in this new job and of course, I dont mind. Because I learnt alot of new things and made new friends!

But of course, rather feeling exhausted and I can feel "Mr Fatigue" is on his way to visit me. :( I must prepare my Berocca Vit Cs and Vit Bs.. You guys too ok?

Must take care if not sick no good lah...

So what I've been up to?
went for viewing for me and D* new house! Yes! we are at last getting erm,, R.O.M nia.. haha! Been 5 years plus. Happy and also sad, course money not enough.. *Must Start Saving*! No more shopping for bags, shoes, outfits..........  :(

Oh, and I tried cooking Kailan (a kind of veg dish) for D*'s family. Ok, I did not take any picture as I'm afraid you guys might find it not appealing but his mum says its a good effort and its taste not bad! (clap hand for me pls!)
Shall try more dishes and blog about it yeah?

Well, last picture of me before I go....I know I vain...*keke*

Good Night and Last but not least.. Happy Monday~~ Woohoo!

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