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Food Review: Full House Korean Restaurant at Tanjong Katong

(Food Review) 26/8/2012 Sunday

 Full House Korean Restaurant @Tanjong Katong


Hey guys, I'm back again with er.. Food review! Some of you who might know what I like the most and what I do enjoy the most is FOOD!

I <3 FOOD!

I can never stop thinking of what to eat when the minute I wake up and think of what I should have for breakfast, prepare myself to go work or play and think of what I wanna eat for lunch, and what I crave for dinner.

I'm like a glutton eh? But who doesn't enjoy FOOD?


So now, I'm going to blog about what's my favourite food and what kind of food I enjoyed the most.

Here's one of my favorite Korean Restaurant that me and D* loves to patronize:


Lovely Interior with picture frames of many many Kpop Idols! *drool*


Well, The owner is a Korean from South Korea makes awesome authentic Korean cuisines that many Korean customers patronize this Korean restaurant for their Korean cuisines, not in Korea but in Singapore!!

Haha.. *read the above paragraph in a fast forward speed* You will know why I LOL!
ah hem... Back on track..

He's really nice guy and he really makes you feel at home. 


Here's some of the food we usually order:

BBQ Slice Pork Belly + Kimchi Soup

Their BBQ PORK BELLY is very famous! I've asked the owner why does Korean loves BBQ so much they not scared heaty meh? But what he explained to me is very logic, Koreans do not just eat BBQ pork but they do have it with loads of Fresh Vegetables and of course loads of GARLIC to kill germs and add flavor to the meat. And usually, the part of the pork they use for BBQ is filled with collagen which is beneficial to our joint cartilage and to promote *bo-ing bo-ing skin*.
They do drink barley tea which is already a 'cooling' tea to help prevent heatiness and hydrate the body.
See why I love korean food eh?

FREE FLOW of side dishes (More than 7 dishes)

They have a side dish booth at a corner where you can just look look see see what you like to have and pile it on your plate.
I usually have 2 helpings of the same above and yesh, everytime I go and grab, there's always people snatching ma food! *hummppff* But its ok, Just tell the staff and they will be more than happy to refill the side dishes for you.

Kimchi Steamboat + Hot Plate Pork Belly
I will order this when I'm super HUNGRY! The portion is huge and the soup is Superb! can refill soup somemore!

 Mr Style King with the side dishes!

Posing while waiting for my yummy yum yum food to come!
 Kimchi Jerngol! (*Zerika Likes)

 BBQ Pork Belly (400g)  (*Zerika Likes)
Check out the meat... OMG!

The server helped us with the BBQ part!
*good service*

Steamy hot and awesome food!

Usually the bill will range about $40-$80 depends on what you've ordered but
do remember to 'make space' for the Main Course than piling your tummy with more side dishes eh?
*Note: You may feel SUPER UBER FULL and might needa roll out of the restaurant!
Do drop by there and who knows you might like it too!
Do let me know your comments on this restaurant yeah?
Here's the address of the restaurant:
Address: 336 Tanjong Katong Singapore
Tel: +65 6344 6244
Opening Hours
Daily: 12pm–3pm, 6pm–10pm
(closed on Tue)

Cheers! *_^

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