Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Kitty Patsy!

~ Kitty Cat!~

This is going to be a short post on my lil 'happy' pill!

I lived in a place where there's many stray cats around. 
One of them is so cute and adorable, some kids was pinching 'her' belly! 
I called this kitty "Patsy".

I'm not sure the exact age of patsy but everyone in the neighborhood just adore her! 

See how fluffy and cute she is!

 YES! she's a female! I checked it okie! >_<

Patsy lazing around outside my house's shoe cabinet.  I've never seen such a cutie before!! I mean I love all animals and to me, they all are cute and lovable! And she's so sweet, she remembers exactly where I stay. She will follow me in the lift, all the way up to my floor and she will give me that kinda "oh plss, give me water....purreeaasee .." 

Awwww...She's sucha lovely cat. 

NOTE: Please don't abuse the animals! 
If you do, you'll be punished! *hmmppff*


  1. She is such a cute and fat cat, so adorable! But how come she looks like that same cat in my blog? !

    1. Hi MrStyleKing, yes.. she's the one that you saw below my house. cute hor!