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Food Review: The Manhattan FISH MARKET 10th Year Anniversary


Was invited to a food-tasting session at The Manhattan FISH MARKET at United Square!
Thanks Dean and The Manhattan FISH MARKET team for the invite!

I shared this good news with Mag and she was delighted to join in the fun! 

 To celebrate its 10th year anniversary, The Manhattan FISH MARKET has launched its new lip-smacking menu comprising 25 sumptuous dishes all set to tempt fans of seafood offerings including hard-to-resist desserts. 
New Menu. New Look. New Flavours!

And so we started our nomnom by ordering the drinks first~!

Mag and my Blue Lagoon~!  
She ordered Gummy Bear, which is really refreshing and nice too!
I just whack the ice cream, too hungry~! hurhur!

Me with my Blue Lagoon~ Yummy!

 What we will be expecting during the food-tasting session:

I like this menu... BEHOLD OUR SEA-LECTION! ha ha~!
Under the sea~ Under the sea~!
*imagine I'm a mermaid~!* O_o'''

Sharing the table with us was Jeremy..

and CK Chai...

First up was soup, and I chose 
Salmon Chowder!

*Look at it, Just look at it*

Can spot anything?? 

SEE!? All the 'Liao' is IN there! Chunks of Salmon!
I love salmon raw or grilled or barbequed or sambaled or... I simply love it! 
So healthy and loads of OMEGA! * I Like*

The Chef explaining to us each dishes' uniqueness.. 
He's really fun, humble and talented! 
Why Fun huh? You wait and slowly scroll down...

Chipotle Fish Skewers ($6.95) –  
Grilled fish skewers served in a rich coat of smoky Chipotle sauce on a bed of Coleslaw.

 Stewed Tomato Mussels ($7.95) –   *Zerika Like*

A serving of stewed mussels in a rich tomato
herb sauce with baguette for dipping.

*I love anything with shells! See-ham aka cockles, scallops, mussels, oyster...and alot more!*
I just love SEAFOOD~! 
This is one of my favorite as you can choose to dip with the bread provided or just eating it alone is simply good enough!

The mussels are in a good size too! Yums!
 Their staff wear the mustache SHOOO CUTE!

Then, my main course came:

Scallop Americana
  ($9.95/Lite, $13.95/Regular) – 
 Sweet and juicy scallops sautéed with capsicums with a hint of black pepper make this a wonderful pasta to savour.

*Okay, actually Ck Chai, Jeremy and me ordered the same, the only one ordered differently is Mag but turn out that me and Jeremy's fav is her dish! haha! Next picture!

 Creamy Salmon Penne *Zerika Like*
*Surprisingly, This dish is nice!*
It doesn't give you the 'oh-my-I-don't-wanna-continue-eating kinda feeling, 
It just made me feel more hungry! :x oops! 

This  is the awesome main course that Mag ordered! Good Taste jie!

Here's a picture of the cute chef!! 
See? I told you he's fun-loving!!

The awesome and really cute chef!


 And then,
 they served up this really really really really nice,

Spicy Baked Fish and Mediterranean Baked Fish
 *Zerika Like*

The Spicy Baked Fish was one of my mad love!

 Poached Cheesy Dory  ($15.95) –
 Enjoy creamy cheese oozing from poached Dory fillet, drizzled with spicy cream sauce, accompanied by wholesome broccoli and carrots. 

Can see the cheese in there? OMG~! 
I mean, it really complements the fish and it taste really good!

Grilled Cod Fish ($19.95) –  
Enjoy the lightly seasoned, delicate Cod fillet and its natural goodness, served on a mixture of smoky sweet potatoes, potatoes and sautéed vegetables, topped off with Garlic Herb sauce. 

I've ordered this and the Cod fillet was well done! I think many people should know that Cod fillet is not meant to be cooked/grilled too long because the 'moisture' in it will dry up. For this dish, the chef did a good job by retaining the moisture in the Cod fillet and the sauce that complements it does not covers the original taste of the Cod fillet!

Fish is just so good for health!! <3 Mad love!
If you were to come to The Manhattan FISH MARKET and start wondering what to order,


Flaming King Prawns Platter!!!  *Zerika Likes* THE BEST!! 
($49.95) –  
The King of all prawns! Relish the moist flesh and rich flavour in this wonderful Crustacean with crispy fish fingers, fried calamari and Garlic Herb Mussels.

This is DA BOMB! And you can't go wrong with this choice!
But all of us were too full to stuff the food in our mouth! :(
If I can, I sure will request for takeaway, don't waste food ma right~ but I shy lah..heheh
It look SO appetizing!! ain't it? 
Wait till you start to eat, you can't stop!

Oh My~!
I can't wait to nom the prawn already!

And the next thing I know,
Sweet CK Chai went ahead to help me divide the King Prawn into 2.
Share is love ma.. <3 Thank you!

Ta-da! My portion! still huge right!?
I pose abit first...


We actually opted out the 'Sexy Hot Whole Fish' because we were too full due to the generous portion that the team has prepared for us! so loved! <3
and we pretty sure that the dish is gonna be superbly awesome as well! hehe~!

And lastly, we were served desserts! YAY!
I just can't tell myself to diet when I'm facing this 3 gorgeous ice cream desserts!
Diet tomorrow lah~!

Citrus Sundae ($2.90) – 
 Our very own Citrus Mint, now given a frozen confectionery twist for a deliciously refreshing dessert. 

Fruit Sundae ($2.90) – 
 A tropical sundae treat consisting of mandarin orange, jack fruit and mango will simply certainly refresh your palate. 

Cookie Sundae ($3.50) –  *Zerika Like*
Sweet serendipity brought on by crushed Oreo cookies in cool, creamy ice-cream. 

Posing with the Cookie Sundae!

  Sizzling Brownie with Ice-cream *Zerika Like*

* This is like my Fav of all!!! Super Yummy!! Awww... craving for it now!

The staff sprinkling chopped peanuts that really adds fragrance of the peanut after-taste in your mouth, but when you thought it's still there, you start to feel the brownie melting in your mouth.. OMG!
Go imagine! Can't imagine? Head down to one of the outlet and try it yourself!
Can you resist??
Hot & Cold... Melting in your mouth.. awww..

See how happy Jeremy is? hehe

Dean and Mag!

If you reserve your table in advance, you will also receive a Complimentary Manhattan Drink Tower, a special drink concoction, with a minimum spend of $50 for 6 pax and above!

 and that's not all!

Adding on to their new menu, new look and new flavours, all birthday boys and girls will receive
 10% off their total bill!!

 A celebratory affair awaits you at The Manhattan FISH MARKET at your next birthday!

A Happy Girl I Am~!

it's such a happy and joyful thing to share good news/stuff with your fellow friends!

I'm so grateful and honored to be one of the few to try the awesome-max new creation dishes 
and my oh my, this will not be my last time!

Many thanks to Dean and The Manhattan FISH MARKET team for the invite!
Thanks Mag for joining me and we really had a great time there! :)

Happy Birthday, Dean!

and of course,

Happy 10th Anniversary, The Manahattan FISH MARKET!

With the recent opening of the new outlets at the Star Vista mall and United Square, The Manhattan FISH MARKET has to-date 14 outlets to satisfy the taste buds of seafood lovers around the nation. 

So hurry and head down to your nearest The Manhattan FISH MARKET outlet to try out the brand new menu NOW!

(All prices quoted are before tax and service charge)



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