Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Food Review: Seventh Heaven Artisanal Desserts

How many of you have sweet tooth??
Can any one of you resist chocolates, cakes, ice creams,  ... ?
Well, if you can,
I will prove you wrong!!

Scroll down for more tantalizing, lip-licking & yummilicious photos ahead!

You might DROOL~!

 Okay, not this photo lah, this is just 'appetizer' for you~!


 Kidding, It's just me preparing to go for Ice Cream Tasting session with Mr Style King and Noelle!

And Yeah, We went to Seventh Heaven Artisanal Desserts at Katong Mall and it's so awesome to be invited by Mr Style King... again~!
I think I became his partner of crime; Fat must Fat together! hehe*

*Check out their pretty vintage menu*
Pretty isn't it?!


Now here's the part where you will start to drool... standby tissue first~

(From Left: Dark Cherries and Merlot, and Yuzu Sorbet,
Sea salt caramel, Rocky Road and Christmas-it-is)

So christmasy ain't it?

My Pick: Sea Salt Caramel & Rocky Road*

Taste super creamy and yummy and you will just automatically reach for the spoonful of it!
*I will LICK it if I have a chance liao loh...hehe!
and and and....for those who fancy Red Wine,
The  Dark Cherries and Merlot (on the left) will melt in your mouth!
 It has a Red Wine alcohol taste in it's flavor that lingers in your mouth but soften the taste as you noms it, and it does complements with the Yuzu Sorbet!


Next up:

Lychee Martini, Cotton Candy and Buttermilk Chunkies

*OMG* The cottoncandy look soooooo pretty in real life! 
And the Buttermilk Chunkies are really nice! 

My Pick: Cotton Candy and Buttermilk Chunkies!*

Me being super-obsessed-with-ice-cream look!
 I think I can finish ALL 6 of them!
 I know I can! Muahahah!

See this cute girl, Noelle here whacking the ice creams ~! 
hehe* I like her lil-kitty hairband ...sho sho cute!

They practically whacking the  ice creams while I tryna take loadsa nice pictures~! LOL!
Indeed a very relax and cosy place to chill and piling up nice, oh-so- yummy and sweet tinglings for your tastebuds!

Me: Hi babeh, Imma EAT you soon! Muahahahha~!
okay, i'm nuts~!

I LOVE All chocolatey ice creams.. I don't know why.. It's just me or girls or hormones or 
I seriously don't know why~!
I only know that it makes me HAPPY~! Sha lala, It's so nice to be happy.. SHA LA LA~!

Last but not least,
MY ultimate favorite colour of all~!
Red Velvet (Raspberry Ice Cream with Red Velvet Cake)!


See how pretty it is..
It is a little sweet to my liking but hey, who says no one needs a little sweetness in life eh? This will give you the ultimate 'love' you are looking for... <3

All ice creams are actually made of Natural Raw Ingredients,
even the biscuits are handmade by themselves~!
*no wonder Noelle kept aiming it~! haha kidding*
Also, Seventh Heaven's ice creams are Full Creamed.

So what are you waiting for??
Head down to Seventh Heaven's outlet for tantalizing, creamy ice creams to satisfy your tastebuds NOW~!

Katong Outlet:
I12 Katong Mall, #02-07
112 East Coast Rd
Singapore 428802
Tel: 6227 7787
Gardens by the Bay:
Between Flower Dome and Cloud Forest
*Lesser flavours available, but there are unique floral flavours that are only available there*
* How awesome!*

There's gonna be a new outlet coming up in January @ TOWN! *yippy*

When is our Next Girl Outing?? I wanna go there~!~!
Check out their Facebook page for more awesome updates 

Check out Noelle's blog post on Seventh Heaven, there's loads of pictures of her gobbling up the biscuits~! muahahha! I love her! <3


Mr Style King's blog post as well, I am his camera woman that day~!..... 
Thanks for the invite~!


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