Thursday, 15 November 2012

Movie Review: Frankenweenie Movie + Phewtick

Was so excited when I got an email from Nuffnang to notify me that I was selected to attend the Frankenweenie Movie preview! *winks*

Check out:

I am very happy I can go with my close, awesome buddy aka Debra as she's also one of the winner! Muahaha! and so, we invited Mr Style King and Evalee to join us!

 Our tickets~!

Enjoying our movie with cute acts of Sparky!

Seriously how can the team created Sparky CHO REAL?!? 
Way too cute! so like my Ah boy~! miss him! :'(

Here's the review:

Frankenweenie Movie Review Rating: 7.5/10
*prepare tissue, you may need it*
I must confess in advance, I'm not that sorta girl who loves cartoon or animated shows, but I must say that this movie did impress me.

This movie did made me teared at some part of the movie because it was kinda real in some ways like how ah boy will protect me when my bf tries to get close to me (he will bark at him like asking him to stay away).
 Sweet and cute right? That's why having a pet is so awesome! 
*I particularly despise pet/animal abusers, SHOO!*

But it makes me think of him even more.... :(

*I know many bloggers teared as well so hahaha, I'm not gonna tell you~!*
So after the movie, we wentta grab some supper from Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe at level 2 Orchard Cineleisure:

Yes, that's right! we went crazy after our food~!
Must be eat liao got energy! haha :)

*photo spam ahead*

*shy lah, don't take my pictures*
Want take is it? Okie come!
retard mode!

Trying to see who have got the biggest eyes! *okie, Deb you win hands down* :(

A group shot with the rest of bloggers: William, Jeremy, Kaviel, Mag, Ken, Mr Style King, Debra, Evalee and Cookie.

*Missing: Shu Qing & Jessie (went off early)* 
Next time must take pics before leaving! :)

And also, Thanks William for introducing Phewtick to us and make us go crazy about it! haha! Thanks for sharing this awesome app with us! I'm addicted~!

My kuku phone was so 'meh' when I was in XinWang and the reception was so poor that this kuku meh phone have to be brought out ,like a pet, and walk around and come back in order to load successfully. =_="'

I'm grateful to know many new friends! Thank you guys for being part of my life!
And thank you my dearest beloved bestie buddy of mine, Debra~!

Always there for me no matter how late...
Always there for me to hear my sorrows..
Always tryna make me smile with your nonsense, retard but smart moves..


Okay~! I think many will think we lesbian, but no hor.. we just too close and too comfortable with each other~! 

So, Thanks babe! <3 
Must be happy always okay?
Mama gan forever be there for you too~! <3


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