Friday, 9 November 2012

Food Review: LOCO SPANISH TAPAS BAR, BOAT QUAY - Authentic Spanish Cuisine

Mr Style King was really nice to invite me, Mag and Cookie for this awesome food tasting session at Boat Quay (24th October 2012, Wednesday, 2pm),  
Let me introduce to you...


"Loco Spanish Tapas Bar"
I was super famished when I heard it was going to be a lunch food tasting and and and.... it's Spanish Food! I almost forgot how long ago I had my last Spanish Food >_< 
And so, I drank only warm milk in the morning to make sure that I will only have Good Food in my tummy later on.. hehe*
 Mr Style King was telling us how much love and effort the chef has put in for every customer and that we should seriously try his culinary skills!
Indeed lucky to be able to taste oh-so-tasty dishes! Thanks Mr Style King!


Here we are chilling at the outdoor awaiting for the mouth-watering dishes to be up!
(From left: Me, Mag, Mrstyleking, Cookie)
 See my right hand touching where? My tummy! wahahha*
 Le super shy chef but cooks super well *Chef Man* and
Le very friendly and pretty manager *Suzanne*
I'm so surprise to see him actually because he looks really nice and really really shy and he's Singaporean! cool and stylish huh!

A picture of Chef Man, Suzanne and Mr style king~
 Here's cookie taking picture of the first appetizer dish:

Gambas al ajillo aka Garlic Prawn! (Zerika likes)

This is super yummy I tell you, the taste of the fragrant garlic just lingers in your mouth awhile and it disappears and once you start eating the first one, your hand will Automatic go for another piece! 
 I so paiseh.. my eyes were on it the whole time~ >_<  *hit my hand, Y So TamJiak huh*

 Now, this is (IMO) the awesome one~!

Paella Valenciana  (Zerika Likes)
- signature dish from Valencia with Chorizo, Seafood, Chicken and Vegetables cooked in a secret homemade broth!

*Check out those mussels, prawns, clams...... OMG!* hungry max~!

We were so shy at first, but slowly, we open up and talk like nobody business! so fun! 
I even helped Mag to scrap the burnt aka 'Chao Ta' part of the Paella Valenciana for her cause she says that the chao ta part is the best, and oh gosh, she's right!
 I'm so Amused! It tasted GREAT!

Again, traumatizing you with the garlic prawn.. hehe* 

 The team was so nice to prepare so much food for us such as

 Grilled Chicken Thigh marinated with home-made Salsa ( Zerika likes)

Pan Fried Dory Fish top with Lemon Caper Sauce and Potato Cubes!

 Spaghetti in Cream Sauce with Smoked Salmon ( Zerika likes)

 Grilled Lamb with Pepper Sauce & Sauteed Potatoes with Seasonal Vegetables

 Last but not least, *drum rolls*
 Fideua Nigra, sautéed pasta with squid and squid ink sauce!! (Zerika likes)

This dish takes alot of skill to eat but it's definitely worth 'staining'! It's so tasty that I couldn't be bothered about the stains or whatsoever! 


 hahah! told you! It's worth it!! *okay he looks kinda stunned here cause I was suppose to distract him~! :)

Okay, back to topic,
we were served the 
white sangria (white wine with orange)!
It's so refreshing and doesn't taste too winey and the best part is, it complements the awesome food. 

a glass of red sangria (red with orange, apple and cranberry)

Me being retard, posing for Mr Style King~
(photo credit: Mrstyleking)

(photo credit: Mrstyleking)

Really satifying meal~! The drink is so awesome!
(photo credit: Mrstyleking)

 (photo credit: Mrstyleking)

(photo credit: Mrstyleking)

 They have special lunch deals at only S$9.99 (executive set lunch with soup of the day + ice lemon tea or soft drinks)

How awesome!! haha! 
Boss~! Company lunch please~

I do enjoy myself with Mag, Cookie and Mr Style King~! 

Thanks Mr Style King~! :)
and Thank you Suzanne for being a wonderful host, Chef Man for the awesome food and Yes! We enjoyed every bit of it!, and last but not least, (Please correct me if I've misspelled :) Michie was so sweet to come by to say Hello to us despite not well. Thank you Michie~!  
Thank you all for having us! :)
Do check out their outlet @

Loco Tapas Bar Pte Ltd
48 Boat Quay
Singapore 049837
Tel: 6535 2841


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