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Beauty (Haircare) Review: Aveda Event 2012 at Tangs Orchard

Thanks to Mag and Vivian from Aveda Singapore, now I know where I can look for my stress-fix!

It was really a pleasant surprise upon looking for Aveda store in Tangs Orchards. It's located kinda near the entrance of the shopping mall and yes, the first thing that really caught my eye was the interior of the Aveda store.

Welcome to Narnia~!
This is the 100 years old door which might lead you to Narnia! haha~

Looks like as if you are in a botanical excursion eh?
Super cool!


I know Turmeric is really good for the skin and even the well-being!
 I didn't know about this but it does have super rich nutrients and protein which is beneficial for hair!
 Of course, Lavender the popular relaxing "antidote" for all ages!

And did I mention they do have really nice awesome free stress-fix ritual in store?
Be warned! You will feel so much pampered after stepping in to Aveda outlets and you could get stuck there and never leave! :)

Debra and Me!
Drinking the Aveda's comforting tea! Indeed, It's so comforting and it does refreshes me!

Sweet treats from Vivian and her team !

Aveda's Mission
This is a very responsible way of caring and giving back to the society.
Check out how do they contribute to the society below... so scroll on... :)

Aveda became the first beauty company in the world to manufacture with 
100% wind power in 2006!

 I only heard of solar power, not wind power, which is a really smart and innovative way of using the natural environment resources! COOL!

Aveda also pioneered Aveda Caps Recycling!
Majority of plastic bottle caps aren't recycled and usually end up in landfills or rivers and oceans. Aveda will collect these caps at their Aveda locations, washed them, ground up and formed into pellets that are molded into new caps—caps used on Aveda products like the Clove Shampoo.
Even the Aveda bottles are bio-degradable as well!
 This is definitely one way of giving back to the environment!


Care Throughout the Lifecycle
Soil=> Process=> Transport, Manufacture and Package=> Retail=>We use=> Goes to drain and sea=> back to Soil

This process is so safe even if it's back to the river where we use it to drink or for daily use. 

Aveda uses natural ingredients:

Check out the Aveda Artistic Team!

And the Aveda Global Creative Director, Antoinette Beenders!


2012 marks Aveda's five-year anniversary of buying paper from Nepal for their gift sets—which has made a huge difference to families there. With income from papermaking, they can buy food and clothing, repair their homes, send their children to school and save for the future. Protecting forestland also fights climate change.

All of the below gift sets are actually made with handmade papers from Nepal!

Be sure to check out their range of eco-friendly yet awesome products from the X'mas gift sets!

Their awesome products


They even have the Men's Care range as well!
So do bring your hubby/boyfriend to this eco-friendly store!


For guys, if you do not know where to get your shaving creams and all, do check out Aveda's award winning men's care range!

This is one of their best range which meant for thinning hair!
They even have the New Chakra Balancing massage oils that really do wonders! Just by smelling it will reduce stress and relieves your nerves. Imagine massaging the oils on your body? It's gonna make you feel so relax and stress free!

One of the oil which I tried on the spot and I fell for it! This has Blue Chamomile in it which helps to calm the nerves and this really makes me feel so light!

It's so hot-selling that I wanted to get it on the spot but was already sold-out!
:( Loves it!

Some might be wondering how does Aveda creates their color dyes which is using natural ingredients yet the colours are so vibrant right?

Aveda uses ingredients such as lavender to get the colours and its not harmful to our hair! How great!
Now I don't have to worry about my hair being dry and frizzy.. I have savior now. hurhur!

Let's take a look at what we experience at Aveda:

Aveda at Tangs Orchard allow customers to receive a customized consultation and product demonstration from a highly-trained Aveda advisor. 
They are so knowledgeable! From checking out your hair texture to your chakra to
even reducing your stress through an amazing hand massage or/and shoulder relief massage!

Me trying out their hair range which can tame my frizzy hair!

Vivian styling Debra's hair and doing the shoulder massage which is super relaxing!

See? No more flat hair! Hello Volume!
The Hair Expert
 Mr Eugene Ong, local renowned celebrity stylist and the founder & MD of Urbanhair, was there to explain to us the vibrant colors which can be achieved by Aveda's natural color dyes and also the lifestyle salon which will be available at Level 7, TANGS Loft, open on 15 January 2013.

He has done countless covers and fashion editorials for Harper's Bazaar Singapore, Marie Claire Malaysia, Her World, Female, Glam, Nuyou and many more!

Not only does the lifestyle salon offers signature hair coloring services, they even have spa pampering treats for all! Like an all in one salon! How cool! 

He's really friendly and very passionate with his work and he shares with us his experience and how he enjoyed every bits and pieces. I was pretty sure that I will want to salvage my hair soon using the natural colors plant based professional products by Aveda and I'm sure that they will do a fabulous job to make me aww-ed my hair again! I need new lively color for my hair! **

Eugene and Celia explaining the hairstyle and colors of the 2 pretty ladies!

Oh mine, I love both their curls!

Posing with Aveda's  eco-friendly tote bag!

Made new friend, Germaine! Do check out her blog post on Aveda as well :)

Was an enjoyable day hanging out with awesome peeps and learn alot on how you can give back to society by just simply changing our lifestyle using the right product.

Thank you Vivian for being such a great host and  Eugene for being such an awesome stylist and sweet of you guys to invite us back next year to visit the new Aveda lifestyle salon to experience and pamper ourselves!

The Group Shot!

Thank you Aveda for preparing such sweet gifts for us! 
So lovely and I can't bear to use it!
(*I've put it back and will reopen on Xmas day, hehe!)

 For more details:

Check out Aveda Singapore's facebook:



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