Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Fashion Event: ARALDI 1930, Hand Made In Italy. Official Launch at Orchard Central!

Was at the Araldi 1930 event at Orchard Central with Debra and met up with Terence !

We were rather late when supposedly the event started at 7pm and we came in around 8ish pm.

So lucky that they have not started the fashion show..

Taking heaps of pictures while waiting for the show to start!

haha.. photobomb-ed!

I look tired because was working whole day, went for class and came for event here and later we are going to Butter Factory for their 4th Anniversary event.

The Fashion show starts by models carrying Araldi's handmade leather bags!

They even have shoes for the males!

And of course, wallets and namecard holders!

Briefcase! Imagine them all handmade! All the effort put in...

The official opening of Araldi 1930 at Orchard Centrall!

There's a little section where the masters display their work and shows us how they polish, glue, tapping and sew to make a pretty handmade luxury leather briefcase for us!
I tried doing it.. but... er.. failed.. haha!

That's why I Salute them!

Then, it was Debra's turn!

All is really done by hand! of course there's tools but its not factory mass produce! The masters have to do it 1 by 1.. with hardwork and effort!

TZ "touching" the belts... hahah!
TZ's posing with the belt..

Herbert and Vanessa was at the event too! *hi*
(Vanessa was taking pictures so that's why you can't see her! :) Really pretty lady!
Do check out their webbie:
and follow them on their twitter:

All sorts of handmade leather belt!

In different colors!

Really admire this 2 masters for show us "Live" on the process of a handmade briefcase was being made!

And of course, having fun posing and taking picturs with our new friend, Ry-me!

He's a really fun guy! Nice knowing you~!
And here's the door gift!
A pretty handmade leather keychain from ARALDI1930!

Thanks Jessie for the invite!
Really enjoyed myself with the awesome peeps there!


Their webbie: !


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