Saturday, 8 December 2012

[Event] Fide Fashion Week - Women's Fashion Week 2012 : Banana Republic

My dearest Debra ( brought me to the Banana Republic Fashion Week 2012 with her. 
It was a night of fun-filled laughs because we practically met up with each other for like almost every week! And I'm enjoying it!

Me and the background..

Debbie boo!

Check out the participating brands in this Fashion Week!

 Participating Couturiers of Haute Couture Week 2011
 The Media Coverage of Fide Fashion!

2012 Womens Fashion Week at MBS!
Both of us (LeeAvater and GanAvater) !
And the show starts pretty soon...

This pink stocking is so pretty! I didn't think of matching it with a red dress and carry a simple tote can actually make you look as stylish! I've learn something!



 This is the first-ever foremost fashion show I've ever gone for, which is so fast and furious! 
As in, the models don't really pause-pose for phototaking and was really fast to finish! 
We were still hoping there's more! 

But thank you my lovely girl for that evening! 
Was really nice and happy to see her!
An Impromptu Session~!
With love!

Next up: I have a giveaway coming up!!! *hint*

So do like my facebook page to get the hint of what's that! :)

Revealing it super super soon!! <3


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