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Haircare Workshop: Phyto by Watsons at Hotel Rendervous

Phyto Haircare Workshop at Hotel Rendervous
I've seen this brand Phyto at many Watsons outlet but I've never tried it before.
So this is a good chance for me to learn and know more about Phyto!
Attended this workshop with Debra and Mr Style King !

We were greeted with these pretty little small bites and they are yummy!

So sweet and pinky!
Smoked salmon~!
I had the Earl Grey Dilmah tea which really perks me up and relieves me from the chill! 
The hotel's air-con is so cold!


What is Phyto?

A true visionary, Mr. Ales paved the way for botanical hair care long before the emergence of environmental awareness and “green” hair care trends.  From 1956 to 1966, he released his first PHYTO products: Huile D’Ales, Phyto 7, Phytodefrisant, and Phytopolleine. In 1969, Mr. Ales presented PHYTO to the public along with the opening of the Patrick Ales Salon in Paris, still open today, where his clients such as screen siren Catherine Deneuve and former first lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, became the beneficiaries of his new botanical hair care line.   With fervor and passion, he developed a range of highly concentrated, plant-based solutions to reveal hair’s natural beauty.  Phyto was born.

PHYTO continues to explore the world in search of the finest and most effective ingredients. In total, over 700 plants are found in our formulas, and you may notice that water is not the first ingredient listed in many products. The scientists at the Phytosolba Laboratories extract the most active molecules found in either the root, flower, bud, fruit, resin, or seeds. The manufacturing secret lies in the various extraction methods used, such as decoction and maceration. This process makes each product highly concentrated, and therefore very effective. We invite you to explore the many beautfiul ingredients found in our ingredient library.

*All botanical ingredients listed in turquoise on PHYTO's outside packaging are from natural origin*

Click on the links below for more information!
 Here we have Nora Tien, an ex-model and the presenter of the day!

She's still looking great after years and she was really nice sharing with us her experience and why she chose to work with Phyto!

The Founder of Phyto: Patrick Ales!!
Look at him! He's already in his 80s and he still have hair! Usually when a person gets older, your hair tends to get weaker and many definitely experience loss of hair. But he made me believe that Phyto will improve the conditions of any individual's scalp and hair!

Nora also gone through with us on the hair-life cycle!
I didn't know that an average person has 20-25 cycles of hair growth!

Male Pattern Baldness!

Female Thinning Hair!

Broad range of Shampoos that caters to different individuals' needs!

We were able to try out the texture, the scent of the products, and understanding which product caters to what conditions.

So here's Debra trying out the product..

Next was me..

Awarding Winning Botanical Solution for Hair Loss!

So here I am trying to do a scalp analysis to check if I'm correct about having Oily Scalp.

Was told that I have frizzy hair, but I have been applying leave on hair products to keep it moisture and less frizzy! Why still frizzy??

So Nora applied one of the product on the right side of my hair and can you see the wide difference below??

I was rather fascinated by it and so we move on to checked on my scalp.



The scalp analysis shows that even after showers and out for 3-4 hours, my scalp can become oily but luckily is still in good condition! *Phew*


And then, Debra's turn..

 Debra's scalp is healthy but with really thin hair. And she can still joke about her scalp:
 look like Rambutan?? hahahha!

Her being amazed by the analysis!

 So it's really important to use the right hair care product for your scalp and hair!

Tiffany, Nora and Deb!
We made a new blogger friend, Tiffany!

Me and Nora!

Nora and Deb!

Nora and Mr Style King!

Thank you Nora and Phyto Singapore Team for teaching and guiding us! 
We've definitely benefited and learn a lot from this workshop!

Do check out their products in Watsons outlet!

*A lovely and productive Saturday afternoon!*



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  1. It was a indeed an informative talk! You covered almost everything from the talk! Haha... see you soon!