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[Food Review] Beer? Food? Live Soccer Match? Live Band? Beer Market has it all!

This post is for 18 years and above only!
*if you are, scroll on...

When I learn that we will be popping by Beer Market for food tasting, I was wondering to myself 
"Food? at Beer Market? There not sell Beer only meh?"
*Please don't mind my singlish! 98% of  Singaporean speaks singlish!* haha!

And when I realized "THERE IS FOOD!", I was really taken aback! 
OMG! I was hungry at that time already!
Thanks MSK for inviting me to Beer Market!
Attended with the always jovial, handsome and sweet Yutaki, dearest Mag jie and MSK's reader (Rachel). :)

And here we are...
at BEER MARKET@Clarke Quay!

Inspired by the dynamics of the stock exchange, Beer Market is the perfect blend of food, music and sports whereby drinks prices move according to demand, creating an exciting atmosphere and interactive experience.


Upon entering Beer Market....

The VIP area: you can hold your private party here too!

The drink coaster is so cool!

Beer Market Exchange

(screen from wall)

 (screen on TV)
You will see the above when you enter Beer Market! Its like a stock exchange thingy (below) but it's not about stock, it's about all the different types of beer prices!
Beer Prices will change (drop or increase) and definitely depends on that night itself :)

(Usual Stock Market Exchange)
(photo credit: google)


Food Menu

They have really wide range of food which I'm quite surprise!
The menu explains how you can check for the current price of your favorite choice of beer.
*The opening prices for the day is the previous day's closing prices*


From the Menu...

And this is the cool part!
Who can guess that Beer Market does dish out Tze Char (in Hokkien meaning "Cook Fried")
Okay, bad translation but it also mean local delights such as Hokkien Mee and Home-made Pork Leg Bee Hoon.
Imagine having a beer, chill with friends, enjoy the live band and your Tze Char!*Woot*
And so, the order begins...
I ordered fruit punch for myself :)
Light and refreshing! <3

Somersby Apple Cider, Fruli Stawberry Beer, Tiger Crystal Beer!

I just love Somersby Apple Cider! Super nice and it's light, with A/c level 4.5% vol!

Fruli Strawberry Beer does taste of strawberry with a tinge of sweetness in it.
Not too bad I would say~

Tiger Crystal is one of the top chosen beer among our table! haha!
It's light  and  definitely much smoother than the original one

Cheese Nachos are good compliments with beer!

Tiger Crystal Beer! It's light and refreshing! 
Guess who is behind the bottle? hehe!


This is really well-done! As many of you know that squid is rather easily "cooked" so if you 
overcook it, it might get tough and hard to chew.

With the fried crisp outer layer and the soft chewy squid inside it was amazingly yummy!

Wasabi Prawns

The usual dish that will be served at restaurants but I was surprised that they do served this too!
I love seafood especially prawns and definitely this is one of my favorite dish of all.

*But take note: do eat it while it still hot, it will taste much better!

Sausage Aglio e Olio Pasta

This dish was rather one of the "un-touchable" pasta if you are not a fan of super hot and spicy chilli! 
There's chilli seeds mixed together with the other ingredients such as sausage, mushrooms and etc. 
For the rest of them, They find this dish Oh-So-Hot! But for me, a spicy lover, this is okay I would say. So do watch out if you're not a fan of spicy hot chilli! :)

Cheesy Fries

How can you not love fries especially at such a chill-relax (I call it Chillax!) ambiance!?
Try having this with a bottle of beer of your choice = Fantastic!
The cheesy dip is thick and full of taste unlike some cheese dip which are runny.

Thick and cheesy dip!

Honey Glazed & Spicy Buffalo Wings

I always love chicken, be it BBQ or steamed. Definitely, I will be much more fussy on this dish. The Honey Glazed wings are not in anyway sweet but I would say the taste is just nice for people who likes wings. As for the Spicy Buffalo wings, I was expecting it to be "spicy" spicy sort but it wasn't spicy at all. I even mistakenly thought it was honey glazed -_-.

But the rest of the food-lovers are not that fancy of the spicy buffalo wings, to them, it's spicy. *hurhur*

The All-Time-Favorite Hawaiian Pizza!

This is surprisingly yummy! 
The Pizza is thin-crusted, it's so crispy when you take the first bite!
And the chunky pineapple cubes are juicy and the ham was not overly-done! The crisp of the pizza together with the toppings are just too heavenly! It's nothing compared to those with little toppings and you can still taste flour in your mouth sorta pizza! This is way yummier!

Check out our feast!

It's definitely fun and entertaining place  to be at and able to spend the evening with your buddies and friends over drinks and food , while you have a chance to show your singing talent! How great!


Check out their Promotions!

Happy Hungry Hour 
$3 nett for wings/grilled sausage/cheese nachos
Monday to Thursday from 6-8pm and whole of Sunday *not valid on eves of Public Holidays

Enjoy a wide selection of beer from all over the world, while indulging in gastronomy delights ranging from local to international cuisine. Savour the music of popular local music acts and get your daily doses of adrenaline with our darts/pool machines and live sports telecasts.

Me and Mag jie after the fun-filled and tummy-filled evening at Beer Market!

Do check out their websites and Facebook for more details!

Blk 3B River Valley Road 
#01-17/02-02 The Foundry @ Clarke Quay Singapore 179021

 Sunday to Thursday: 6pm to 2am
Friday, Saturday and Public Holiday Eves: 6pm to 3am

I will be back for chillax nights with my friends :)


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