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[Beauty Review] Newly Launched But, Becky endorsed by Aaron Yan - Pure & Whitening Job's Tears Mask !

Woohoo! Secretive has launched a new range of masks for us and that is none other than But, Becky!
And But, Becky is endorsed by Aaron Yan 炎亚纶!

Aaron Yan is a Taiwanese Mandopop singer, commercial model and actor. He is the youngest member of Taiwanese Mandopop vocal quartet boy band Fahrenheit.
 (photo credit: But, Becky SG)

But, Becky's Masks!
4 sweet variants with exquisite ingredients – Wild Yam, Job’s Tear, Hyaluronic Acid and Pearl!

(photo credit: But, Becky SG)

1. Pure & Whitening Job's Tears Mask
2. Age-lock & Moisturizing Wild Yam Mask
3. Moist-lock & Firming Hyaluronic Acid Mask
4. Radiance & Luminous Pearl Mask

Really grateful to be able to try out one of the range - Pure & Whitening Job's Tears Mask!

Thank you, Secretive! :)

So here it is,
The box is so adorably sweet-in-pink and of course, I was rather attracted to Aaron's look on the box. hehe!

And it comes with 8 sheets of fully-soaked concentrated pearl barley essences with high penetration power which will help the skin to achieve a natural, glowing complexion. Liquorices extract and Vitamin C help to lighten dark spots and brightens overall skin tone for a fairer, lasting translucency from within!

Dermatologically tested, oil-free, non-comedogenic, mild & gentle for all skin type!


 How to apply the mask?

Use after cleansing. Open pack, take out mask and unfold. Gently stretch mask to cover entire face. Press lightly with finger tips to set in place over face. Relax for 15 mins and remove mask. Massage remaining mask essence onto face. No rinsing needed. Discard mask after use.

*please don't mind my naked face! thank you! :p*

So here we go...

 Mask is woven with innovative double knitting technique, giving it outstanding elasticity to cover every inch of the skin. With perfect fit, the essence is efficiently absorbed.

 Special diamond pattern emboss:
Accelerates the penetration of essence, making sure that the precious essence is fully absorbed by the skin.

 Check out the 2 stretchable ear hooks:
1st - to hook the main facial mask
2nd - to hook the "extended" chin ear hook

It should look like this!

Chin area is fully covered so that the essence from the mask will be absorbed even below your chin!

After 15minutes.... 
After the mask application, I can see visible results. 
I am of oily and sensitive skin thus, usually breaking outs are norms to me. 
As such, I'm really happy that the mask did its job by hydrating my skin and my pimple marks are a little lightened than before.
 And also, after the night of applying the mask, I experienced more supple skin and my face was less oily on the next day compared to the usual mornings.

3 days have passed after the first application and there's no irritation, no reaction on my sensitive skin! YAY!

And so...
 But, Becky Mask has been added in my must-have mask list!

Where to buy?
But, Becky Mask are available at selected Watsons Outlet island-wide and!

And also,

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*Thanks JJM too!*
Cheers to beauty! :)

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