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[Concert experience] Rainie Yang Love Voyage Concert at The Max Pavilion !

It was a success for the Rainie Yang concert tickets giveaway! 
Thank you peeps for supporting!

Thank you Silkpro and MSK for this giveaway!

I attended the Rainie Yang's Love Voyage concert with my giveaway winners, Jocelyn and Amanda! 
(*should have taken picture with you guys! Thank you for supporting! :) )
 and of course with  Mag Jie, MSK, Hellven and Nich!

*do check out their blog as well!*
The venue of the concert:
The MAX Pavilion! 

Me and the two handsome boys! Hellven and Nich!
 *I admit my hands are short :x*
Nich, Hellven and MSK

And I was already well prepared for this concert! 
I brought my 2 yellow and orange smiley rings for some "disco" lighting!
Photos speak louder than words... so scroll on:

Me and Mag in the concert hall waiting for the concert to begin!

And the show begins!
It was an amazing and really good effort from Rainie as its really hard singing while hanging so high up!

See? No stage, no stand whatsoever, and she was just hanging there singing with all her heart out for us!

She's still so pretty OMG!

There was also a part of her hanging upside down and her voice was shaking really badly!
Like crying!The crowd was so touched and we just cheer her on and seriously, we are really worried especially she was not well!

My gosh, My heart pain at that moment :(

Did not took that picture because I was rather heart pain and do not wish anyone to follow what she did. She's a professional and she's trained okay? But still, heart pain...

I still can remember the whole scene, gosh!

This is her second outfit!

And the next one:

From white to black outfit!

On that night itself, she was having fever and flu, she confessed that she wanted to do her utmost best for this concert but because of her sudden attack of the flu virus, she couldn't and she kept apologizing.

We were all really touched by her performance and its really obvious her voice did change a little huskier but yet she still try to maintain her standard when she sings! 
Really impress and very professional I would say.

She's so professional that she just hide her pain and perform for us but of course when it's at the intervals, she quickly requested for tissues to prevent from sneezing and running nose, and water to hydrate herself.

Rainie was so cute that she was telling the audience how lucky the concert hall was big enough so that her flu bugs will not be able to spread to us and if anyone were to caught the flu, don't get angry with her... You should hear her say it "LIVE" .. Super funny and entertaining!

Her cute expression when talking to her fans!

She sang many famous songs and also songs from our local singers such as songs from Stephanie Sun.

This is the next outfit!

Check out the stage, beautiful.. looks as if there's many Rainies around!

She did a self-choreography dance herself! 
Okay, she calls it "freestyle"!

And it was amazingly beautiful!

Wokay! It was really a nice dance from Rainie but after filtering through my pictures, I don't know why this picture below looks as if she has back pain... No, Not back pain okay! 
It's just one of her moves!

Can you guess this song?? 
Very nice and popular one! See the lyrics!

And my fave outfit of her for the night!

Doesn't she look incredibly beautiful here? She's like a princess re-born omg!

And definitely fell in love with her gradient pink gown!

Her makeup was so flawless.. envy!

That's her interval!
 She enjoys talking to the audience!

She told us that she actually loves pepper crabs in SG! 
OMG! I was mad hungry at that time and she actually make me think of food! 

At first most of the songs she sang was rather slow and touching, the next up was a cheery song which her outfit really fits the mood and the song really well!!

We actually stand up and shake our booties, it was so much fun!
It's a neon outfit outlining the shapes of the human internal organs and  bones too!

Check it out:

See that??
She was wearing a skeleton legging which illuminates! So cute!

And her top, the stomach and heart! <3

And her bright neon purple short hair matches the outfit really well!

I took this while there's an interval... I was actually shaking the ring up and down, left and right but I think it was too small for Rainie to notice. So I decided to clip the ring on my hair till the end of the concert! hurhur! 

And who attended the concert??
And I guess many people might know who is Mavis Hee, our local female singer who is really famous for the song "Moonlight in the City <城裡的月光>". 

And of course, Rainie was really surprised and thank her for coming to her concert!

Then, It was really near to the end of the concert where Rainie appeared on stage playing the piano!

I really like her songs, touches my heart a lot especially when you are at the "broken-heart" point.
It also sometimes makes you cry... *sob*

Here's the main show which everyone agrees: If you never stayed till the end of the concert and watch this ending performance of Rainie, you can say that you have not been to this concert at all!

You can see that there's a huge bowl of water behind her right?

The last song she sang was so touching, I teared!
And she was already at the tip of the staircase!
 She stepped into the huge bowl of water,

After a few moments, she submerge herself into the water! OMG! Everyone was so anxious and worried about her because of her flu and fever and bear in mind the concert hall was a little cold and I couldn't imagine how she can control and tolerate the coldness! My heart aches again for her. 
Fever is no joke at all! That's why I say, She's really giving all she can for the Singapore fans! 

*I've enlarged this to show you!*

The white cloth from above falls and covered the view.

When she's out, She thank and bow to the audience!
We applaud like mad! I scream like a fan girl and clap hard like a seal! 

We left the concert hall with a little heavy heart because we were all worried about her flu and fever.
But definitely, she has done her best for the Singapore fans!

Indeed we enjoyed ourselves at the concert :)

We all love you, RAINIE!

And definitely do hope my 2 readers enjoyed themselves too! 
Jocelyn and Amanda! hehe!

Thank you for coming and taking part in my giveaway!

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Next post up will be about Beauty,  so stay tune! :) 

with love 

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