Thursday, 17 January 2013

[Churp Churp Singapore] I Love USS Hollywood After Party at Sentosa!

There's this quote saying " The Night is Still Young!"

I do agree with that! 
It's only matters if you are spending the night with the right company. 

And I'm really thankful for winning a pair of Universal Studios' Hollywood After Party tickets for 29th December 2012 from Churp Churp Singapore

And I shared this awesome news with my Buddy cum Partner in crime Mr Style King, because he loves to watch EPL, English Premier League which are usually for the boys... haha!:)
Check out the DJ of the night:

 It's so happening at USS even at night!

Check out the crowd!

MSK trying to open the police car door!

Tired pose! haha!

I always love elmo in Sesame Street when I was young! Okay now I love Stitch from Lilo & Stitch more haha!

DJ got us falling in love again~~~

DJ is playing a game with the crowd and everyone was really having a great fun!
The music was awesome!

As the weather was rather warm even at night, I decided to go into one of their retail shop to browse for cute stuff...
 I found this!

Aww! Isn't this Transformer container cute?

 You can use it as a water bottle, store your candies and sweets and etc..

To the best daddies in the world!

There's so many different awards too!!
If you have no idea what to get for your boy/girl friends, family, you can consider this :)

 Minnie Mouse's ribbon headband was selling at 1 for S$5 (min.2)!!
This is the silver one.

This is the gold one.
I should have gotten one for myself! :(

oops! I have betty boop's pouty lips!

 Having fun taking photos and posing~!
And we spot Frankenstein!

They were doing the "yo check-it-out pose!"
 And me, the "don't strangle me" pose!

When you see Ginger Breadman, it reminds you of ______ & ____ _______'s relationship! oops!
Very kaypoh hor me.. hehe!

Guess who is this little guy?? 

So fun to camwhore with these cute-looking specs!

Can you spot the tall guy?

For those who are more interested in English Premier League, You can rest your feet at the open space beside the popcorn booth where the big projection TV screens "live" soccer match!
#USS Hollywood After Party standard tickets only allows you to have 1 complimentary drink.
But you can top up S$13 to get a free flow drinks wrist band where you can claim your alcohic drinks such as Vodka +Mixer, Beer and so on..

Here's the projection screen:

MSK enjoying his match while sipping his beer~!

We bought snacks from the snacks booth where they sell satays, chicken wings, mini hotdogs, nasi lemak, char siew bao and so on...
*They do not accept cash so do purchase the food voucher from them. 4vouchers is S$10.

I took 2 drinks, 1 is vodka cranberry and a cup of coke, while MSK drinks beer~!

Usually the staff will ask you to use the same cup for refills. 
We should do our part to reduce wasting plastic cups.

Remember  to show the wrist band for free flow alcoholic drinks!
Of course, ,they do serve non-alcoholic drinks such as soft drinks and juices..

Check out the street towards the DJ's stage!

Everyone is waiting for the match and some having a rest while drinking their drinks enjoying the night with their friends and family.

And do remember to catch the fireworks at 8pm behind the stage! It was so splendid and beautiful that I wasn't concentrating taking pictures for you guys to see! :x  my bad!

But here are some pictures of the fireworks which indeed I use alot of effort to take. 
*Imagine the fireworks are so beautiful before you and every time you want to capture, you just missed it!

 I did my best le okay!

 Hollywood After Party was held every Saturday night from 3rd Nov to 5th Jan, 7pm till late at Universal Studios Singapore. For $20, you can enjoy entry to the event + a cup of complimentary drink.
Top up with another $13 (total $33), you'll get to enjoy free flow of beer/ housepour. How wonderful! I've got the $20 passes which includes the entry to the event + a cup of complimentary drink.

Do check out Resorts World Sentosa's Website for more updates on the schedules! 

**Hollywood After Party has temporarily ended at the moment, really hope they will start again so we can chill and spend a splendid evening with our love ones and friends!

Check out their facebook page for more information of Universal Studios Singapore!

Thank you Churp Churp Singapore once again! <3

It was really a night to enjoy and have fun! Love it!


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