Monday, 14 January 2013

[Updates]Cozycot Beauty Forum 2012 + Iphone Photo App + Recent Favorites!

I have friends asking me what iPhone photo app I'm using. 
It's the Camera 360! 
It's really awesome and with many nice filters.. 

Check out some photos I've taken while waiting for Debra to come and pick me for Cozycot Beauty Forum event at Mink! 

There's sexy lips ( left bottom picture), sweet, glossy and black&white and many more!

Sexy lips turns anything red/pink to orange! I really like that effect alot!

Me was bored waiting so I decided to play with the " dual image ".

Hi, Twinnie~!

Finally Debra's Dad came and pick me up and on our way to Mink for Cozycot Beauty Forum event~!

Thanks Uncle for the ride! :)

I will definitely share more iPhone camera apps with you guys when I discover more!
 Oh wait! I do!! There is! haha! Shall share the next time round okay!

See what we are doing while waiting outside of Mink? hahah!
Enjoy playing the app again! It's really fun!
Go download!
It's FREE! and definitely not an ad okay!
*It's just that I really love sharing great stuff with you guys! :)

Once we "hop in", we start to hang around and checking out different booths and we get stuck at HP event booth!

Pretty babes must take picture with.... electronics products and cars right?
So here we are... acting like we are one... hahah! OKay I know I fail.. haha!

And Debra, doing her usual best... with her thumbs up!  haha!

See? so happy hor! Thumb so straight hor!

Blur but Pretty!

<3 her!

 Sometimes I really wonder why she always like to stick her tongue out when she's so close to me! haha! Think I too yummy lah..

Debra and her yummy bites! :)

Cozycot was indeed generous all thanks to their sponsors, we received many nice and awesome samples and products to try out! :)

Here's one of the notebook we have received in our goodie bag! 
Cute ain't it!

Me and the yummy small bite :)

It's really a fantastic experience just that we are just plain noobs and doesn't know where we should go and all. But now we do!

 A beauty talk held at Mink where everyone will try to get a good seat for the talk! 
There's interval in between and we only manage to go for the talk sponsored by Olay. It's really a good experience and every talk there's a giveaway too! So, the next Cozycot Beauty Forum, do remember to stay till the end of the talk for the lucky draw giveaway!
Definitely will consider going for this year's 2013 Beauty Forum by Cozycot if there's any! 
Debra, Shall we?? :)

We look like are enjoying ourselves eh... Indeed! The props are really cute too!
Us posing for the camera at the photo booth outside the entrance!

After the Cozycot Beauty Forum event and we head over to Cineleisure's Old Town White Coffee for some dinner and chillax!

Playing with the app again!
*Requested Debra to do the bu-shuang face (not happy) hahah!*

*While waiting for the Shibuya lookalike contest at Scape*

Finally we got the stamp and the freebies too!

Watsons Singapore really generous with their giveaway! All of us received a Dolly Wink eyeliners each! How nice! Wanted to stay to see Xiaxue and Tsubasa but the queue was way too long and we were really tired carrying loads of hauls and shopping and we headed home soon after that!
Will definitely stay if I'm feeling well and all! :(

My Shopping hauls from Issey Miyake! My next favorite perfumes!

2012 just ended like this but it's definitely an awesome year for me as I get to know many friends and learn many new things!

*will continue to work harder and share many fun and good stuff with you guys soon k? :)
Stay tune for more updates on my next giveaway! :) 

Drop me a comment and let me know what you would wish for the next giveaway too! :)

You might never know I might be able to grant your wish!

I try lah k? hurhur!

till then!


  1. Hi~

    Please do a trip to genting/legoland 3D2N play package for 4 for your giveaway!
    thank you berrie berrie much zerika-says!! hehehe (:

  2. -Dollywink black eyeliner! ^^
    -MJ mascara
    -lacey hair accessories
    -princess clothing! :)