Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Food Review: Ice cream desserts makes you fly ~ Seventh Heaven Part 2

 This post was a little back-dated because of my schedule.
Apologies to all!

But here I am, gonna make you guys salivate again... haha!

I usually think that a meal without desserts is not considered as a MEAL meal.. but who says you have to have meals before desserts??

Like me and my friends, we eat like nobody business! 
Be it dessert in the morning or tea-time, we still whack it! haha! 

Here I would like to thank my partner in crime, MrStyleKing and Seventh Heaven's Team for this unbelievable awesome dessert-tasting session with Valentine and Mag!

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Are you Ready??

Here we go...
Ice Cream lovers, you gotta check out this awesome tall ice cream dessert;


Its super yummy as the chocolate crisp on the outside and the ice cream in it was still cold n intact while we were cam-whoring with it! haha!

It somehow look like a chocolate "tree" to me, I scrap off the outer layer of the chocolate and it revealed 3 layers of different flavors of ice cream!!

The top part was FrenchVanilla flavor, mild sweetness of Coffee flavor and last but not least
 Rich Chocolate flavor! 

This is best for sharing! :) (4pax)

Up next was this uber delicious dessert that really impress me!

Can you guess it??

It's the Warm & Soft Chocolate Cake!

There's this rich and moist cake somehow similar to those chocolate lava cake but its really chocolatey and when you dig into the chocolate cake, the warm chocolate fudge oozes out from it and it's splendid to compliment with a French Vanilla... HOT & COLD! Can you resist?

At first I thought it will be a soft chocolate cake which is warm up and the ice cream was topped over. But when it was served in the picture below..

I was like.. where's the cake? Ahhhh... the white small bowl actually contains the chocolate fudges and yes it's pretty soft too!

Okay, typing this makes me hungry again... :(
*rubs tummy & find food*

Next up, definitely some specialty scoops of ice creams for us to try! :)

Peppermint, Popcorn, Cottoncandy

The Popcorn Ice cream REALLY has bits and pieces of popcorn in it! So cool!

The Eat-Till-Very-Full Peeps! haha!

And of course, the group photo :)

So happy we can come back to taste yummilicious ice cream desserts from Seventh Heaven again!

Thanks Mr Style King and Seventh Heaven Team once again! 
They will be opening their new outlet in a bigger space in Orchard, and have since moved out of 112 Katong.

The new outlet should be ready by mid January. 
Please stay tuned for more details soon!

Check out their Facebook page for more awesome updates 

Ice Cream does makes you happy till you "fly" hurhur!

Till then,

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