Saturday, 23 February 2013

[Sponsored] Manicure: It's time to "dress up" your nails with Niu Nails!

We girls just love being pampered!
Being able to dress up well for the day, showing individual fashion and style creation.
And of course, 
which girl doesn't love to show off their pretty refine hands right?

Manicure has become a trend, setting another style, just like an accessory to an outfit of the day.
With beautiful well-kept manicured nails, it is where fashion and style begins.

Here I present you all, 


A home-based salon located at Hougang, which caters a wide range of Manicure and Pedicure services for all ages with affordable and reasonable prices ! 

Here's me doing my nails and is proudly done by 
Serene, the really cute and friendly manicurist who is super patient with us! Right, Debra? :)

Serene has always been passionate about nails, and graduating from Pink Room does make her dream come true!

To be able to serve her clients, with extra care and effort, with patience and love of nail arts, she hopes that every customers will leave happily after every service they had done with her.

That's what we, consumers look for when it comes to service isn't it!?


February is a month to rejoice with happiness and bliss.
 It was a month of joyous occasion -  Chinese New Year and everyone's favorite Valentine's Day!

I always choose safe colors such as red, black and safe designs such as polka dots, french nails. I've always wanted to try out different nail arts and colors, and this was a great opportunity for me to explore with Serene.

She's really patience when it comes to customers deciding on designs.

And then, I chose a set of sweet pink and white gelish for the month of blissfulness ! :)

Serene using her utmost creativity and patience to create designs to 'dress up' my nails!

I love how relaxing and feels comfortable when I was there.
I felt like home.
And I was enjoying the pampering time, excited to see the end result of my nails.
Ta-da! It's time for RIBBON!

While creating and forming the ribbon using the acrylic powder...

The next thing I know...

It was done!
See how pretty it is!
I really love the end result!
It's super glossy and pretty!

Can't compare to the previous one which I paid for and had the worse experience ever at one of the manicure salon at Far East Plaza.
*(I've tweeted about it before btw)

I just can't stop myself from posing!
With gorgeously-crafted nails, I feel more confident! :)

With Debra and her pretty nails done by Serene too!

Love my nails so much that I have been taking tons of pictures showcasing my nails!

Me on the first day of CNY! :)
with my new ombre purple-pink hair!

And today after 21 days, my manicure's still pretty, no dropping of blings and no chipping at all!
My nails grow so fast! Would definitely love to retain this design!

*I'm always knocking my nails onto things or tables, but I'm actually impressed that the designs on my nails are still looking pretty awesome!

The ribbon and bling should last you at least 3 - 4 weeks.
But it is still subject to individual!

It's about time to visit Niu Nails soon for another new set of 'dresses' for my nails! :)


Ongoing Promotion!

Book your appointment now! 

 *Call / SMS: 8113 6741 (Serene aka Niu Nails)

Hougang Street 91, Block 927

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