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[Food Review] Soup Broth Asia, so mouth-watering you may ask for more..

How many of you love home-cooked soup?
I love it alot and usually look forward to have it after my work or school.

It's like the best comfort food you can ever have.

For those of you love to drink soup or would prefer your meal to be light and healthy,
 look no further at Soup Broth Asia.

About soup. broth. asia.

Opened on 24 August 2010 at Raffles City Shopping Centre’s newly revamped basement level, Soup Broth Asia is the latest contemporary Asian soup concept by The Soup Spoon, a leading soup chain in Singapore since 2002.

Built on the rising popularity of soups among health-conscious customers, Soup Broth Asia dishes up an exciting variety of homemade Asian soups that are lovingly concocted by SouperChef Anna Lim. Diners can indulge in 10 different types of comforting and hearty soups from Asia such as Hainanese Festive Fish Maw, Tom Yam Talay, as well as Canton Lotus Root with Pork Rib.

The idea was first conceived in by the founders of The Soup Spoon in 2008 and they have been researching and experimenting with different ideas before unveiling Soup Broth Asia in August 2010. “With this new quick dining soup concept, we want to present the best of our delicious Asian soups and provide customers with a comfortable, modern setting to enjoy these traditional broths,” says Anna.

Unique Cooking Process
The secret of a good Asian soup lies in the stock, and at Soup Broth Asia, the soup base is prepared from ingredients slow cooked in a tilting kettle for at least eight hours to ensure a flavourful gourmet stock. 
Fresh batch of ingredients are cooked separately and these ingredients are then cooked with the gourmet stock. 
This allows the ingredients to preserve their nutritional value and remain tasty at the same time. Diners will also be pleased to see that there is a calorie count for each soup on the menu.

Staying true to its commitment of bringing healthier meal choices to its customers, the entire menu uses fresh ingredients and excludes the use of Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), which is commonly added in Asian meals to enhance their taste and would lead to undesired health effects over time.


 Setting its sights on becoming the “Melting Pot of the East”, Soup Broth Asia launches its new and improved food and beverage menu. The brand’s passion for and expertise in soup has led them to create a series of three hotpot dishes inspired by unique and distinctive Asian flavours.

The Kimchi Beef Hotpot (S$16.80) 
Features succulent beef slices and Korean rice cakes simmered in a flavourful and lightly spiced kimchi stew.

Zerika -says: I love how the portion is good for 2 pax and it will be awesome if the soup base is a little more spicier. The kimchi in the hotpot is well-done, soup base is quite tasty and is suitable for people who can't take spicy. The beef is sliced in such way that it get cooks very easily so do note not to over-cook the beef otherwise it will lose the tenderness and become stiff. Overall it's still tasty! :)

Paper-Wrapped Herbal Chicken (S$16.80)
A delicately slow-cooked chicken infused in a nourishing herbal concoction made with dang gui, dang shen, red dates and goji berries.

Zerika-says: I love the tenderness of the chicken! The herbal taste has fully absorbed into the chicken and it's flavorful and tasty! This is one of my favorite dish of all and of course, if you do love it in spicy, do ask for chilli padi and soya sauce but if you prefer the original taste, it still taste flavorful! I usually like to have my meals with chilli padi. :)
The herb plus tenderness of the chicken=Wonderful!

Three-Cup Chicken Hotpot (S$13.80)
Chicken wings are seasoned to perfection before being put to simmer 
in a thick and rich homemade Three-Cup sauce with basil and dried chili.

Sumo Nabe Hotpot (S$15.80) 
A popular dish eaten by Japanese sumo wrestlers as part of their daily diets. 
Packed with ingredients such as chicken, cabbage, lotus root and carrots, this hotpot is low in calorie and nutritious with the addition of soy milk to the broth.

Zerika-says: This is definitely the highlight of the dinner at Soup Broth Asia. The soup was in soy milk base and surely, soy has very healthy benefits! It has really unique taste which the ingredients nicely compliments each other. Though this is for 1-2pax, It is still quite filling as it contains Soy. Soup base is already tasty so you don't have to add in any soya sauce or others to make the soup sweet/flavourful. One healthy choice indeed!

 **All-time favorites**

Szechuan Style French Beans

Zerika-says: Definitely my favorite! I love food which is spicy and for this dish, I think the  level of spiciness is still medium-strength. It's fresh, crunchy and the more you chew on the french beans, the flavor will fill your mouth. I love this dish!

Braised Tofu in Sambal Chilli Sauce 

Zerika-says: The braised tofu is excellent too! So soft and delicate in the inside!
This is also quite an interesting dish as all of us know that Mapo Tofu or even hotplate tofu doesn't cook with Sambal Chilli sauce and for this,they've included our favorite Sambal Chilli. You can order this with a bowl of plain rice= Splendid!


Mango Sago Dessert

Zerika says: I totally fell in love with it's very creamy texture and the right amount of sweetness in it! 
If you do love desserts, this will definitely be the perfect end to your awesome meal at Soup Broth Asia. 

Soup Broth Asia

Raffles City Shopping Centre, 
#B1-62, 252 North Bridge Road
Tel: +65 6338 6909

Facebook: Soup Broth Asia

Opening hours: 
Sunday to Thursday 
11.00am to 10.00pm

Friday to Saturday
11.00am to 10.30pm


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