Monday, 18 March 2013

[Live Recording Talk Show] LOL Ladies, You're in for the show! Toggle in!

LOL by Toggle, 
The awesomely entertaining and interesting talk show I've ever attended!

Decided to bring my bestie, Debra along for the LOL Talk Show!

And the venue was somewhat "new" to me, I mean, I know where is *Scape but Gallery? nope.. So I was getting a little lost yet enthusiastic on what's the show is all about..

But firstly, we arrived at the registration counter, and beside the entrance of the Gallery room, there's many yummilicious noms from Dr.Cafe and you'll be surprise to see Somersby, one of my favorite apple cider drinks there too!

What a delightful sight ... to ME! 
I was hungry when the minute I met Debra, It's not like she's delicious or what but after a long day at work, you just wanna chill with your girlfriends and have a laugh, right?

And so, I am glad I did attend this awesome talk show! 
Check out why I say so...

These yummy refreshments from Dr. Cafe are prepared for all of us who attend the LOL Talk Show!

The refreshments provided was such a  yummy sight I don't even know which to 'attack' first!

And more FOOD!

And the must-drink Somersby Apple Cider!

Ready to go in!
*Still loving my hair color after 1 month! 
The super bubbly and friendly Irene Ang, stood in for the LOL host, Judee Tan as she was somewhat delayed, says Marcus AC

The whole atmosphere was relax, fun, and definitely loads of laughter! 

More photos coming up...

I must say that the whole entire show was really natural and that's the best part of it!
And it definitely made my night a really fun and enjoyable one!

One of the guest for the show that evening was Bobby Tonelli
I believe he had made headlines on local magazines/news that he has broken up with our local actress Joanne Peh. And, no.. I'm not gonna talk about their personal love affairs because I believe it's their choice and that's not what my post is all about! :)

Definitely brings out the natural side of the guest!

And next up, Jade Seah, founder of Maryjulian and a multi-talented pretty lady here, joined in as one of the guest for the evening's talk show!

And of course, last but not least, the ultimate hunk (to many ladies especially the audience haha), George Young! I'm surprised he's so fun-loving! *thumbs up*

Love the dress that Jade Seah was wearing on that evening, it's from MaryJulian too!

Tryna pose like Kpop stars!

And Fiji Water Singapore was one of the sponsors for the talk show too! 
Love it! Not only the guests got it, the audience got it too! 
Taste of pure natural Fiji Water to quench our thirst after a whole lotta laughs! 

Feel the difference, drink Fiji! I seriously mean it!

Stylish host Marcus AC - See how he tries to photobomb with his cute Victory sign!
He's super friendly and really good at making the audience feels at home! :)

The talk show not only talks about the guests for the evening, they'll interact with the audience, cracking us up and making us laugh till we can't stop!  

George Young, the very hyper and very happy winner of the Q&A. 

The next segment was all about Fashion from Maryjulian!
And the model of the evening is none other than pretty Andrea from That F Word! 
*Love how each and every piece brings out different you!

Love this blazer alot! It's so chic and easy to match! 

Love the lighting at the back when presenting the fashionable outfits and accessories!

Do check out her blogshop at Maryjulian and Maryjulian Facebook Page!


The goodie SWAG bag was filled with many lovely gifts from many sponsors such as Shiseido, My Beauty Diary, Jipaban, Maryjulian, $100 voucher from SPA ARTISAN from Fullerton Hotel  and many more!

*Dr Cafe was super generous too, giving free drink vouchers in their goodie bag! :)

The very popular Beauty Mask everyone raves about!

Sweet samples from Shiseido!

There's even 8 Days magazine for your entertainment!
And oh, I'm already using this Toggle notebook for my study notes! 
It comes in handy! :)

Jipaban has definitely caught my eye with that cute colorful lollipop bag filled with goodies from their vendors and Maryjulian is one of them!

Love the accessories and gifts from each and every sponsors from the LOL Toggle Talk Show! 
You guys rocks!

Jelly much??
You can be part of the LOL Talk Show too!

A fun, new infotainement TV show of what's in and what's happening in Singapore!



Great Talk Show, Great Hosts, Great Guests, Great Refreshments, Great Swag Bags..

What more can we ask for!

Thanks everyone from LOL Toggle for making this talk show a memorable one for us ladies! 


*I will be attending the next show on the 19th and gonna catch Tiffany Alvord!

See you guys!



  1. The foods look yummmy.

    1. Yes! It's yummy and definitely satisfy my hunger! Hehe!

  2. Missy grace L3/22/2013 12:38 pm

    Love the goodies in the SWAG bag

    1. Yes! Lets hope they have 2nd season n u guys can go RSVP and take home awesome goodie swag bag! It's super generous! ;)

  3. Thanks for sharing, going to RSVP for this ;D