Sunday, 24 March 2013

[Review] A Gift of Happiness, Hope, Health and Jolly-Wishes by Humming.

Hi everyone! Hope everyone's been doing great!

I bet many of you realized and felt that the weather recently was rather 'hot' compared to other years and months! 
Some of us might have fallen sick cause of that. 
Being sick wasn't a good experience at all and It's kind of spoil your plans for the week or two. Some felt moody because they couldn't go anywhere much and can't enjoy the food like how they would love to.

Just like my mum,
She has fallen sick (fever, cough and flu) since almost 3 weeks back and after visiting western doctors, taking multiple medications and anti-biotics and still not getting well. She has to visit the Chinese Physicians to get another set of medications in hope that she will recover fast. 

Her mood was down, and every other time when we are discussing on what to eat for dinner, looking in her eyes you can see that she's not happy. She loves food and definitely enjoys having them but because of the cough and flu, she has to be strict on her diet.

I was thinking hard on what to get for her to cheer her up.

And it was such a sweet surprise when delivered one of its 'Get Well' hamper to me.

On the day of delivery,  my mum was THE ONE who received it on my behalf and for the entire day, she was telling me how pretty the hamper is and how lovely the flowers are.

At that moment, I knew that it's going to be a great gift idea and I got to share this with you guys!

*I should have taken a picture of her expression at that moment! Teehee :)

Let's have a look at this gorgeous well wishing hamper called "Jolly Health" by Humming!

Jolly Health

Reference: JSR131

·Bird's Nest Wild Ginseng with White Fungus & Rock Sugar 6x70g
·Brand's Essence of Chicken 6x42g
·Succulent Grapes
·Packaged with Sweet Floras

Sunshine like this gorgeous sunflower, brightens my day; an instant mood lifter.

I really love the fact that they've included this beautiful bright yellow sunflowers which represents longevity and auspicious luck! It's a symbol of happiness too!

Sunflowers is a warm and caring gift; bright and cheery, bold yet comfortable!

Indeed provides an instant uplift of mood to my mum and of course, to me and my dad too!

A gift of happiness.

This 'Jolly Health' hamper not only suitable for wishing someone speedy recovery, 
it's also a gift of happiness as well!

A gift of hope.

Love how they've packaged this so prettily! 
A gift of health and jolly-wishes.

And what are the benefits of the products in this hamper?

10 Benefits of Bird's Nest

1. Enhances the rebirth of cells and tissues (Epidermal growth factor)
2. Enhances the body's immune system through promotion of cell division
3. Strengthens the body's self-regulating actions and resistance to disease
4. Improving heart functions and reduce blood pressure
5. Assists in the prevention of cancer through rich antioxidants
6. Aides in the regeneration and growth of cells
7. Aides in the treatment of cancer patients
8. Regulates blood supply all around the body
9. Improves the skin complexion
10. Reducing fatigue

BRAND'S Essence of Chicken

The BRAND'S Essence of Chicken is full of wholesome, nourishing goodness. 
When taken regularly, this all natural health food supplement sustains your health, 
through all stages of your life.

By increasing your metabolic rate, it helps to relieve fatigue and to restore both your mental alertness and physical energy (within 15 to 30 mins!). 
It has even been proven to help your body absorb and use vital nutrients like iron.


Indeed a great and meaningful gift idea to cheer my mum up!

What about other hampers under the Get Well Categories?

I was looking through the website of and this caught my eye!

Cheering someone up with fresh flowers and fruits but that's not all, with nourishing goodies such as Bird's Nest and Essence of Chicken and other nibbles! 

This definitely makes someone's day shines with warmth and zesty love <3 .


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*Thank you for this wonderful and meaningful gift hamper!



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