Monday, 8 July 2013

Congratulations to our Singapore Blog Awards Winners 2013 organised by at Shanghai Dolly!

 Hey guys,
Finally attended the most anticipated event of the year - 6th Singapore Blog Awards 2013 at
Shanghai Dolly on Saturday, 6 July 2013 and it was a total blast!
It was my first time attending the SBA and I really enjoyed it alot!

This year's SBA theme is the 60s Fever.
Media, VIPs and many fellow bloggers attended and most of them dolled up and rocking the theme!
Me and Deb!

I was suppose to dress more retro in my polka dots dress, however, there's been some little mishaps to my dress and finally decided to just wear a white dress and accessorize abit.  :)

Deb with her retro sunnie!

Remember this? 
Playing hopscotch when we were in younger days!
*I miss playing this and five stones!

Here's the Main Category Winners:

Panasonic Best Photography Blog
Panasonic 最佳摄影部落格
Christina Gao

Exabytes Best Individual Blog
Exabytes 最具个人特色部落格
Grace Tan

Levi's Best Fashion Blog
Levi’s 最佳时尚部落格
Jaslin Tan

Nanyang Optical Best Lifestyle Blog
Nanyang Optical 最佳生活资讯部落格
Jasmine Koh

Best Family Blog
Ai Sakura

Best Food Blog
Tony Johor Kaki

Best Travel Blog
Sock Peng

Best What-the-hell Blog
俊凭 Willy

Best V-log
Ninja Girls

Best Microblog
Spin or Bin Music


Panasonic Best Beauty Blog
(3 grand winners not in order of merit)


Karen aka Renzze

Panasonic Best Cooking Blog

Panasonic Best Eco-Challenge Blog
Ivan Kwan

Glossi Best Modelling Blog
Karen aka Renzze

JBL Best Pop/Music Blog - 1ST
Mint Leong

- 2ND

Levi's Best 501 Interpretation Blog

Qoo10 Best Online Shopping Blog - 1ST

- 2ND

- 3RD
Regina Chow

- 3RD
Luke Phang

- 3RD

Panasonic Most Popular Overseas Celebrity Blog/Microblog
Panasonic 最受欢迎海外名人部落格/微博
Alien Huang 黄鸿升(小鬼)

Panasonic Most Popular Local Celebrity Blog/Microblog
Panasonic 最受欢迎本地名人部落格/微博
Jeanette Aw 欧萱

For more info, do check out:

Congratulations to all winners! :)

Alright, photos coming up...

Jeanette Aw wasn't able to attend the SBA event and recorded a video to give thanks to all her fans and voters!

Keith Png in da house! 

Mr Lawrence Wong  
(Acting Minister for Culture, Community and Youth and 
Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Communications and Information)

Mr Lawrence Wong even played Scissors Paper Stone with the winner!

And here's when @Aisakura went up the stage and wowed everyone with her gorgeous 60s themed outfit!
Super like her daughter! She's uber cute! Congrats for winning the Best Family blog!


The Ninja Girls are so spontaneous and they dressed up really well for this event!

 All Winners of SBA 2013 on stage!

Mint is so cute here! 
Congratulations to all winners once again! ^^

 And there's a Best Dress Competition too!

I like this 'police officer'! She's so cute and she's super into her role! Keep on posing lol!

Each contestant have to get the loudest cheers to win!
And so, they have to stand forward and pose!

Some dances too!


All of us was cheering on 'Carrot Cake Seller'! Lol! 
Doesn't he really dress up like one and with his cooking props and takeaway plastic bag?

Next was Smith with his Afro style! 
He was teasing the audience by nearly wanting to take his top off! Lol!

The host was shocked too! haha

And of course, our turn to take some photos!

The cutie Noelle and the act-cute Debra! 
 *lol! Don't kill me pls!

 Deb, Noelle and Cookie


Trying to do the 'bunny' look here but somehow became 'woof'? Lol!

 (From Left: UncleTehPeng, Cookie, Director Jack Neo, Debra, Me and Noelle!)
Super honored to see him there and he's so nice to take picture with us :)

Director Jack Neo and Noelle :)

With Herbert and Vanessa! 
Love this good-looking and stylish couple!

With Joanne-Marie! Love her smile! ^^

And us having fun at the Photo-booth!

Last but not least, Buddy and me! <3

Without them, there won't be SBA 2013!  :)

It was indeed an eye-opener!
I will buck up and join next year's SBA and hopefully a good news maybe? Be positive! :)
*uploaded the 6th Singapore Blog Awards 2013 pictures on my personal FB page too!



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